Tini fan reactions

Tini Stoessel She is already consecrated as one of the national pop and urban figures. She stopped being the Disney girl to become a star with her own name. This Thursday, she released her latest song which marks a new era in her career. Her fans were shocked by this video clip called “The Triple T”.

The singer spent a week promoting this new song with short videos. Finally this May 5 came to light. In three hours, it reached almost 400 thousand views on YouTube. His fans flooded social networks with images and messages of joy for this topic, making it a trend.

Reactions from Tini fans (Twitter/)

Many of his followers said that this song, which mixes pop with urban, is the new hit this year. They were happy because it’s a new single. They defended her from those who believe that she cannot have a success if it is not in collaboration with another artist: “Tini Stoessel doesn’t need feats, feats need Tini. The queen of Argentina.

The reactions of Tini fans

The reactions of Tini’s fans (Twitter/)

There is no shortage of those who have already chosen their favorite Tini look in this video. The actress used different outfits mixing the colors pink and violet.

Another observation from his fans is that he made nods to earlier times of his, through the clothing of the dancers around him. For example, you can recognize the clothes that she wore in the videos for “22 ″ and “ Bar ”. “Tini Stoessel referring to herself in La Triple T is something epic,” said one user.

The reactions of Tini fans

The reactions of Tini’s fans (Twitter/)

The vast majority of Tini Stoessel’s followers believe that this is her best work of recent times. “The Triple T has just become my favorite video clip, it’s incredible”, is an example of the reactions of their fans. The singer was grateful to her audience and happy for this new release.

The support of the fans of Lali Esposito to Tini

A rivalry was always created between the two artists, despite the fact that they never encouraged it. the birthday of Tiny, Lali greeted her with a photo together from a studio. Recently in an interview, the actress of “Red Sky” revealed that a collaboration between them will soon come out.

Lali's fans support Tini

Lali’s fans support Tini (Twitter/)

From that, their fandoms started to come together. Therefore, on this special day for Tini Stoesselthe fans of Lali Esposito supported the video clip of “The Triple T”. “Lali’s fandom supporting the release of this queen,” they said. An attitude that the two artists will surely applaud.

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