"This is the commander who came on to me".  Complaint to León transit for harassing her

Leon, Guanajuato.- A woman denounced in Twitter still Transit municipal by abuse of powerafter asked for her phone number, complimented her and asked her if she likes “massages”.

The victim stated that the events occurred when left work“Two traffic on motorcycles were closed to me. At the roundabout to go up to Balcones del Campestre they signaled me to stop and when one of them stopped me, the commander asked me where I was going, I replied that I was leaving work and that I was about to pick up my daughter.

And he added that the traffic told him “You almost made me crash because of how beautiful you are, write down my number and let me buy you a coffee, a beer or do you like massages?”, and I stupidly or intelligently told him that I was not going to write down his number.

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She told him to write down her number, having in mind to block it, but in the post the woman affirms that the traffic responded “that’s how I like them… I’m married, but it’s just going to be a massage, oh sorry, a coffee.”

The affected woman also assures that the traffic asked her if she was married and when she answered that she was not, he told her “I’m glad to hear that.”

In the post of the complaint, the woman published a photo of the traffic and added: “This is the commander who made a pass at me, stopped me for no reason and scared me to death, given the circumstances in the city…”.

Through the same social network, from the Mi Ciudad Segura account, they responded to the woman with the following: “We appreciate the information published and the information you provided us. The road police officer involved was assigned different tasks in which he has no contact with the citizenship”.

In the post it was reported that the fact is being investigated under file 107/22-TRA by the Technical Secretariat of Honor and Justice.


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