Keys to brush your teeth well (Photo: Pixabay)
Keys to brush your teeth well (Photo: Pixabay)

the dentist Martha Montserratspecialist in periodontics Friedländer dental clinic, gives some tips to brush your teeth correctly. The dentist warns that “thanks to a good brushing you can fight the bacterial plaque that adheres to the teeth, gums and tongue and that can cause problems such as bad breath, yellowish teeth, cavities, inflammation, gingivitis and other types of diseases. periodontals,” he explains.

It recommends that brushing last at least 2 minutes, and should be done at least 2 times a day. In addition, it is advisable that it be done after each meal, to avoid the creation of layers of bacteria.

When choosing a brush, it is recommended to opt for a soft one, rather than a hard one, because soft brushes adapt better to the anatomy of the teeth. In addition, soft brushes more easily penetrate the spaces between the teeth, where it is very easy for bacteria to generate. The duration of the brush must be 3 months, and it should be changed sooner if it is noticed to be worn.

For brushing, the movement of the brush should be in small, gentle circles and from the gums outwards to expel bacteria. It is very important to avoid horizontal, vertical movements or large circles as it causes bacteria to penetrate directly into the gums. In addition, in case of using hard brushes or exerting a lot of force, they can cause gingival recession.

Another piece of advice given by the dentist is to wash each part of the mouth, paying particular attention to the occlusal area (the bottom of the tooth), the inside of the tooth and the tongue.

It is advisable to start at the end of the jaw, at the last molar, and then progressively go through the denture until the last molar at the other end. The tongue is a very large source of bacteria, since the plaque gets stuck in its papillae, so it is essential for a complete cleaning.

The use of dental floss should be the last step in oral hygiene to remove plaque between teeth that the brush has not been able to remove during scaling is also necessary

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