This Monday will be International Yoga Day.

As has been happening for eight years, the Embassy of India will celebrate a new edition of the International Day of Yoga.

On this occasion, the central act, which will be in person after two years, will take place on Monday, June 20, starting at 10 a.m. at the Boca Juniors Benito Quinquela Martín Sports Center, which is located in Archbishop Espinosa Street 550.

The opening will be led by Ambassador Dinesh Bhatia and a guest of honor, and will include yoga and meditation practices, talks on discipline, health and nutrition. Additionally, there will be dance and music performances from India. In addition to the celebration, there will also be stands of gastronomy, clothing, handicrafts, products related to wellness to make this day a true festival of India. The celebration will take place within the framework of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the independence of India, in which 75 national and international institutions that are in the country participate and collaborate.

As in years prior to the pandemic, this edition will also feature the presence of artists and celebrities who regularly practice yoga. Among those who have already committed their attendance are María Belén Aramburu, Claudio María Domínguez, Donato De Santis, Julián Weich, Daisy May Queen and Virginia Da Cunha.

But beyond the face-to-face activity, all the content related to the practice of yoga and meditations that will take place next Monday will be available in Spanish through the website and will cover very diverse topics such as yoga to start the day, guided meditations, lectures on yoga philosophy, tips for disease prevention through yoga and ayurveda techniques, chanting mantras, healthy cooking, inclusive yoga and much more.

As you will remember, in times of the pandemic, the celebration of International Yoga Day was held virtually. In those years, the DIY 2020 Yoga at home and DIY 2021 Yoga for well-being programs were carried out, which were broadcast online and viewed by more than 38,000 and 56,000 viewers, respectively. Before the pandemic, the celebrations had an average of 8 thousand participants.

Yoga in Argentina. Yoga and meditation are extremely popular in Argentina, with a large following in Indian institutions such as the Brahma Kumaris, El Arte de Vivir, Ramakrishna, Sivananda Yoga, Iskcon, Sahaja Yoga, and the Bihar School of Yoga, among others. Added to these are local institutions with a long history such as the Hastinapura Foundation, the Prema Ayurveda Foundation, Indra Devi International, the Divine Values ​​School and the Natha Yoga School, among others.

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