"This school is not for him": why excluding boys with disabilities from regular school is an act of discrimination and a missed opportunity
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Your son is behind the rest of his classmates”, “We have no vacancies”, “we are not ready”, “this school is not for him eitherthe best thing is that he goes to a special school with boys similar to him. These are many of the excuses that schools offer to justify the exclusion of children with some condition or disability.

Natacha is Iñaki’s mother and tells what she experienced: “We went to the schools, the administrative staff attended us and when we got to the principal and we told her about Iñaki, what he was like and what his characteristics were, they said: ‘There is no vacancy'” .

Excluding children with disabilities from regular schools, both public and private, is an act of discrimination. Why?:

The specialists affirm that when the teacher recognizes that each student has their own way of learning and participating, they go out looking for new strategies and tools to educate in diversity. This results in the boys learning more and better. A concrete example is the co-teaching.

The teacher, Claudia Fiorito, says that “as teachers we began to work much more as a team, to look for strategies, to investigate, to try to be more creative so that the whole group can access the contents and taking into account the characteristics of each one. ”.

It is important to differentiate two concepts: integration is not the same as inclusion.

To see that inclusive education is not a utopia, LA NACIÓN visited the The Pampathe province became the first in the country to achieve practically full inclusion: 98.5% of students with disabilities go to common schools while in the rest of the country only 40% attend common modality.

The La Pampa model is considered successful worldwide and was praised by the European Union from the Eurosocial program. How did they do it?

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If you want to know more about inclusive education, La Nación’s guide on inclusive education offers more content on the subject.

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