10/20/2022 11:31

The open-air stage of the Hungarian House of Music also offers the opportunity for the emerging and performing genre performers, in addition to many well-known musicians and formations. In addition to food and drink, we can also enjoy the performances from the Music Garden.

The free program for the outdoor season, which begins on May 10, will feature DJ sets, dance houses for beginners, film screenings and family programs. In addition to the outdoor concerts, the ZeneKert, the outdoor gastronomic unit of the House of Music, will also open.

The open-air season also exemplifies the House of Music’s attitude of blurring genre boundaries, with the opening concert on May 10 featuring Ephemere, which crosses folk music, jazz and the French chanson world. It takes place in the House in May-June City gate: Debrecen series, in which the musical life of the city of Debrecen is presented, not only through indoor concerts, but also through outdoor programs.

The dance hall of the Hungarian House of Music will start on May 19, and then the DJ evenings will start on the 24th, first with the eclectic set of DJ Gandharva. At the end of the month, the family programs will also move to the open air, for the first time the Makám Children’s Day concert will be for the little ones, I’m going out to the zoo tomorrow with the title.

The Intermezzo Festival MOME X MZH, which takes place in the House in June, will also be shown at the outdoor venue, and the offer will expand further in the main part of the summer, in July-August and in the first half of September.

film screenings, classical and contemporary music productions associated with silent films,

on Saturdays with outdoor family programs and plenty of additional concerts and DJ sets.

Music Garden with a summer drink offer

The Music Garden behind the stands on the outdoor stage will also open on May 10th. The garden next to Lake Városligeti awaits the audience with a summer drink offer, and from June the new venue of the Budapest summer evening offers light meals made from fresh ingredients, where in addition to friendly conversations we can also enjoy the concerts and performances of the open-air stage.

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