Thousands demand in Chile to improve the anti-discrimination law underway LGBTQ
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Thousands of people in Santiago de Chile They participated on Saturday in a march by the LGBTQ movement, in which they demanded that President Gabriel Boric sponsor improvements to the anti-discrimination law that is currently being reformed in Congress.

To the rhythm of music and flags of the LGBTQ movement, the protesters advanced along the central Alameda avenue, the main avenue in the Chilean capital, under intense spring heat that accompanied the march.

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Several posters demanded the inclusion of “an anti-discriminatory institution” in the current law on discrimination known as the Zamudio Law, approved in 2012 and named after the beating of the young homosexual Daniel Zamudio in a Santiago square at the hands of a gang of neo-Nazis. .

“We demand that the Government act by sponsoring the creation of an anti-discriminatory institution within the framework of the reform to the Zamudio Law that is currently being processed by the National Congress,” said Javiera Zuñiga, spokesperson for the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) during the march.

“Only with an anti-discriminatory institution in Chile will it be possible to transform the fight against exclusions into a systematic duty. President Boric, sponsor the creation of an anti-discriminatory institution! ”, He added.

The protesters also demanded an end to hate crimes, increased penalties and reparations for victims in Chile, where five homo/transphobic murders have already been committed this year.

“Today the Zamudio Law is a toothless lion that does not even compensate the victims of discrimination,” Zúñiga complained.

The march took place without disturbances and diplomatic representatives from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain also participated.

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