Threats to Europe's largest nuclear power plant occupied by Russians in Ukraine

In Ukraine, towns that had hitherto been relatively spared find themselves increasingly targeted. Like Nikopol, where “houses were damaged” after shooting “60 Grad-type rockets by the Russians”, reports daily online Ukrainska Pravda.

The city of Nikopol is important in two ways. On the one hand, it is on one of the railroads which make it possible to rally the Kherson region along the Dnieper, a strategic axis for the transfer of troops and ammunition to the South-Western front. On the other hand, it is located just opposite the nuclear power plant of Zaporijjia – more exactly located in the city of Enerhodar -, the largest in Europe, held by Russian forces since March 4.

A power plant transformed into a military base

Gold, indicates on its website the television channel Apostroff, “the occupier has deployed in the city of Enerhodar, in and around the nuclear power plant, military equipment and ammunition to organize armed provocations”. Thereby, on the night of August 4 to 5I’“enemy” would have “again hit Nikopol and Zaporizhia”.

The journalist Andriy Tsaplienko even goes so far as to say:

“The enemy wishes to trigger a technological and ecological catastrophe, and to raise the stakes by shooting at each other.”

Still according to Tsaplienko, “At 2:50 p.m. on September 5, the Russians began firing cannons and multiple rocket launchers at the plant, to justify connecting the site to the Russian power grid. Ukrainian employees were banned from

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