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Concerts are the order of the day, or at least announcements of things to come. And the best thing is that many artists continue adding shows because they sell out every date that is announced.

Such is the case of Joaquin Sabina, who will arrive at the Movistar Arena (Humboldt 450, CABA) in March to present his show Against all purpose March 12, 15 and 21, 2023. It is part of the tour with which he will tour Latin America, Spain and Central America, since it starts in February in Costa Rica and then goes to Spain on April 20.

Against the implacable wind of the passing of the years, against the hungover tide of times adrift, Against all odds, Joaquín Sabina, at 74 years old, back from everything and cured of frights by being old and by the devil, he has the delight of returning to the stage. They will be essential dates to meet again with this survivor who will never tire of celebrating with his songs the irreverent and passionately beautiful vision of life from the treacherous night, feverish love and unmitigated heartbreak.

Against here more info about tickets

The nostalgia of the ’80s

Virus returns for a world tour and performs at the mythical Luna Park Stadium (Macero 470, CABA) on March 31, 2023 to once again represent its 40 years of modernity. The proposal continues to be the one that marked a generation and empowered the following: since the ’80s and ’90s, the band has become a clear influence for national and international artists. His songs never stopped being current and influencing today’s bands. They are an avant-garde classic and referents of popular culture with topics such as Inner Hole, Pagan Images or the mythical Wadu Wadu.


His music deserves to be celebrated at Luna Park and within the framework of a world tour, displaying a show that will enjoy different moments of pleasure and with a unique and emotional presence of Federico Moura. In this new stage, Virus presents a new concept and dynamics, with changes in its interpretation. A) Yes, Julio Moura is going to present himself as a singer for the first time along with Marceloand the great return of Mario Serra in battery. The group is reborn claiming its history, its songs and in recognition of the people who have always accompanied them with such affection. In addition, the trio will have the participation of Ariel Naón (bass), Patricio Fontana (keyboards) and Agustín Ferro (guitar).

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with youthful energy

Another band that returns to the country is the American trio paramorewhich will be presented on March 7, 2023 at the Palermo Hippodrome (Avenida Del Libertador 4101, CABA). After announcing their return to South America with six very special shows for the band, starting in Lima, Peru, on March 2, they then come to our country after their last performance in 2017, within the framework of the Personal Fest.


The return of Paramore is one of the most anticipated, since the band had stopped playing live for the last four years by decision of their hayley williams, since the vocalist published a solo album. But now, together with taylor york (guitars) and Zac Farro (drums) they play together again and roll around different stages. They have just released the single “This is Why”, a preview of their next album due out in February next year. And we must admit that, despite the impasse in concerts, fans stay loyal and connected with the music of the trio unconditionally.

Against here More info about tickets.

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