This is how 9 de Julio avenue was at the beginning of the night this Wednesday during the camping carried out by leftist social organizations that make up the Piquetera Unit.  (Photo: Capture TN)

Tomorrow, May 10, the federal marchcarried out by the organizations grouped in the Piquetero Unit and will also cover the 11th and 12th of this month.

The great demonstration will have the particularity that different groups from all over the country will mobilize from their respective provinces to Federal capitalwhere there will be a great act in May Plaza Thursday.

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On Tuesday 10 the provinces will begin to march. For the 11th, the different caravans will carry out acts:

  • Those belonging to the Argentine Northeast will be found in rosary beads and they will carry out an act where unions and students will participate.
  • The NOA provinces, for their part, will do so in Cordova.
  • In the case of Whose, the acts will be intermediate between mendoza Y saint Louis,
  • Cordilleran and Coastal Patagonia will develop them in The Pampas and Bahía Blanca.
This is how 9 de Julio Avenue was during the camp carried out by left-wing social organizations that make up the Piquetera Unit. (Photo: Capture TN)

National concentration in Plaza de Mayo

Around noon on May 12, caravans from all over the country will begin to arrive in the City of Buenos Aires. Once there, three heads will be formed that will march to Plaza de Mayo.

  • One of them will focus on Constitution and will go to the act of ATE INDEC.
  • Another of them will do it in Retiro, which will pass through ANSES
  • The remaining header will start from Eleven passing through the Ministry of Labor of Callao in support of the SUTNA that closes your parity.
  • After 2:00 p.m., all of them will converge in Plaza de Mayo, where a great closing ceremony will be held with speakers from all the participating organizations.

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