Three great-great-granddaughters of Vicente López y Planes honored him on National Anthem Day

three great-great-granddaughters of Vicente Lopez and Plans, Elise, Gloria and Stellawere present at a tribute for the Argentine National Anthem Day, in which the hero was recognized with a plaque in the Plaza de Olivos, in Greater Buenos Aires.

On Wednesday, May 11, the Municipality of Vicente López together with the Friends of the Museum and Documentary Archive Association celebrated the Day of the Anthem with a plaque on the monument of the hero, author of the stanzas, located in the Plaza de Olivos.

At the event, which brought together more than 200 people, descendants of Gregoria Lopez and PlanesVicente’s sister, whose most outstanding representative was Edith Corvalan.

On May 3, 1785, Vicente López y Planes, author of the lyrics of the Argentine National Anthem, was born.

Representing the descendants of the hero, Gloria López thanked the tribute and spoke of what the song that represents the country means for them and all Argentines: “Our national song is a symbol of unity. When we sing its verses, ideas and thoughts do not separate us, we are united by the emotion of a consolidated homeland”, said.

“Vicente passed through the most varied destinations in our history. During Sarmiento’s funeral, the writer Octavio Amadeo described the three López, by Vicente, his son Vicente Fidel and his grandson Lucio, saying: here goes the one who sang the feat, the one who wrote it and the one who explained it. And here we are his descendants honoring his memory. They say that his last words were “or we swear with glory to die”, I invite you all to raise your eyes to heaven and thank this hero that life gave us and show the world that we were and are a new and glorious nation,” said the great-great-granddaughter of López y Planes.

National Anthem Day: from march to song of fans

The event featured an Honor Guard from the Patricios Regiment, from which Vicente López he was one of its founders when fighting in the second English invasion.

At the end of the act, the plaque describing the most important functions performed by Vicente López y Planes in Argentine history was unveiled.

There he is mentioned as a combatant in the second English Invasion of the Río de la Plata as a lieutenant of the Patrician Regiment (1807); Deputy before the General Constituent Assembly (1813); author of the verses of the Argentine National Anthem (1813); Deputy to the General Constituent Congress (1817); Deputy to the General Constituent Congress (1826); Provisional President of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (1827); Cameraman and President of the Chamber of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires (1830-1852); and Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires (1852).

Vicente López y Planes “was also a great statesman who assumed the responsibility of directing his destiny in pursuit of national unity”

Carlos Constenlapresident of the Association of Friends of the Museum and Documentary Archive of Vicente López and former Ombudsman of Vicente López, maintained that the figure of Vicente López y Planes “transcends the fact of having been the author of the lyrics of the National Anthem because he was also a great statesman who, in the most difficult moments of Argentine history, assumed the responsibility of directing their destinies in pursuit of national unity”.

And he added: “If in our history and present there had been men like Vicente López y Planes, our country would probably be much better.”

Finally, the act closed with the intonation of the Argentine National Anthem by all those present and flowers were delivered to the great-great-granddaughters of the hero.


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