Three of them are running for the vacant presidency of Jobbik

Jobbik’s Member of the European Parliament, Márton Gyöngyösi, also intends to take over the vacant presidency of Jobbik, confirmed Jobbik’s politician on Spirit FM News.

The renewal congress will be held on July 2, at which Márton Gyöngyösi also decided to measure himself – writes az

According to Gyöngyösi, the consolidation of the party is now one of the most burning issues that the party could create with his election because, as an MEP, he was fortunately left out of the conflict surrounding the resignation of Péter Jakab.

As he said, he wants to represent a credible, center-right conservative in the forthcoming European elections, led by Jobbik, because he thinks there is a gap in this area, which is why he feels he has a key role to play.

As reported by Index, Balázs Ander will also run for Jobbik’s presidency. Apart from the two of them, there were rumors about István Földi’s departure, Gyöngyösi said only that he knew that they would start as well, but they would only become official after the declarations of intent were distributed.

The three of us are ambitious to start, it will become official when the letter of intent comes out for membership – said Gyöngyösi.

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