Three series of scandals inspired by real life

Impeachment, in Star +

It is Ryan Murphy’s third American Crime Story, which focuses on the Lewinksy case. It includes the background of other women harassed or related to former US President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky is superbly played by Beanie Feldstein and Clinton is Clive Owen.

The Staircase on HBO Max

Thriller with Tony Colette and Colin Firth as a large married couple with a comfortable life and a blended family with also large children. She dies in a confusing episode at home and they blame her husband. The plot leaves little hints of what happened between the couple until it reaches its conclusion.

Anatomy of a Scandal, on Netflix

It highlights the springs of power in London, the friendships of those who were born in a golden cradle and the detours that men can have. A minister closely linked to the premiere, married with children, is accused of rape by a young woman from his team. With a trial, the personal circumstances of those involved are known. He is captivating.

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