Frederick Braun.

the provincial governor, Gustavo Melellaslipped the possibility in statements made to Fuegian media, in which he said that “Sometimes as a state we buy from La Anónima, but we don’t want to be linked to speculative businessmen”.

Instead, the Secretary of Energy of his government, Moses Solorzaassured in a tweet that the province “will stop buying” in the supermarket chain and attributed it to a “firm decision of the governor”. And he went one step further by baptizing La Anónima as “thief” and qualified as “miserable” Braun’s statements at the AEA forum held last Tuesday.

“It is essential that between all of us, we take care of the speculators and price makers, so that they do not continue to increase their profits at the expense of food speculation. Hopefully other governors take this initiative as their own”Solorza added in a message posted on social media.

However, consulted by Télam, the official clarified that -although the decision “is taken”– An analysis is made of how to implement the measure from an administrative point of view and, from a logistical point of view, so that “there are no product shortages”.

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La Anónima is the main supermarket chain in Tierra del Fuego and its branches in the cities of Río Grande, Tolhuin and Ushuaia supply most of the food market from the southernmost province of Argentina. In any case, Melella reacted immediately when Braun’s statement became known.

“He laughs at us Argentines. It shows what they really are. They were in the family. That can’t even be said as a joke. First he admits it and also recognizes that poverty increases. This shows me that they are part of the

Melella considered “really unfortunate” that “A supermarket businessman takes so lightly the complex and painful situation that Argentines are enduring due to deep inflation”.

“The head of the La Anónima group should know that every time he raises prices, what he does is further impoverish the Fueguinos, the Patagonians, the Argentine people”added the provincial president in official statements released by the press area of ​​the governorate.

La Anónima: loses money for the second time

The official also stressed that “every time prices are marked up in supermarkets, the purchasing power of workers, including their own workers, is weakened”.

“Expressions like these are unfortunate and reprehensible. We must not laugh, but provide solutions “Melella concluded, alluding to the joking context in which Braun made the statement.

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