TikTok was torn apart by users after, according to many, a filter insulting overweight people was added to the platform, which shows its users as if they are wrinkled and obese.

The “double chin” filter, which referred to her case, became really popular among users back in June, which was also used by the popular tiktokker, Katiana Kay, heating things up even more. His video received 450,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

However, not everyone liked the filter, saying that it is very offensive to overweight people, and the whole trend is based on the fact that everyone is beautiful when thin.

According to user @deadnerdpool, the filter is very “fatphobic” and Katiana Kaynak should show young girls something constructive.

TikToker Marie also spoke about the matter and asked how it is that there are so many people on the platform who like the overweight like this. His video enjoys one and a half million views, which thousands joined, saying that the tiktokker is right.

“Why don’t people see that this trend suggests that fat is also ugly?” someone wrote in the comments.

Although TikTok has now deleted the effect, you can still find countless content that uses it for before-after videos.

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