TikTok: how to earn money in the application

The best ways to monetize your TikTok account

Live with your friends

As in other social networks, in TikTok If you have a certain number of followers, certain functions will be unlocked that will allow you to monetize your account. In this case, when you exceed the 1000 followers you can start doing live broadcasts.

When you start making alive, users will be able to reward you with virtual gifts. That will arrive in your account in the form of what, within the application, is called “diamonds”. As soon as you accumulate enough diamonds you will be able to exchange them for real money.


But you also have to know that, in the process, TikTok takes commissions. In this way, 30% goes to the store servers where the application is stored, 20% to TikTok and 50% will be what will come to you.

How to make a live on TikTok?

  • Open the app from your cell phone.
  • Touch the icon + that you will see in the bottom center.
  • The video editing screen will appear and there you can choose the option “live“.
  • Already you will be broadcasting live and a notification will arrive to your followers to let them know.

Monetize your TikTok account by activating the Creators Fund

Just as we saw what option is unlocked when you reach 1000 followers, there is also another function that you will be able to access when you exceed the 10,000 followers and that considerably increases the chances of earn avocado on TikTok.

Its about Creator Fundthe bottom of at least $1 billion owned by the company, as explained by the TikTok official portalto support small and large content creators.

Creator Fund TikTok.jpg_large

How to activate the Creator Fund?

  • Open TikTok.
  • Change your account to “PRO Account”.
  • If you meet the rules and requirements of the “Creators Fund”a special tool called “Author”.
  • Enter the section “Author” and tap on the option “TikTok Creators Fund”.
  • Fill in the personal information it asks for.
  • As soon as you accept the conditions of the system your request will already be sent. Now it only remains for you to wait for the notification of welcome to the program. Otherwise, you will have to wait at least 30 days to reapply.

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