Tariq (7) likes to eat corn on Thanksgiving.
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7-year-old Tariq became an overnight TikTok star when an interview in which he shared his fondness for corn was remixed and went viral.

New York- A young boy who became an internet sensation because of his love for corn has now donated thousands of cans of his favorite food to a charitable organization.

Tariq (7) likes to eat corn on Thanksgiving. © Screenshot/TikTok/schmoyoho

Tariq is seven years old and loves corn more than anything.

He became known when the YouTube channel “Reccess Therapy” interviewed. The 7-year-old was asked about the vegetables and could no longer contain his joy.

Corn wasn’t always his favorite food, but when he tried it with butter “everything changed.” Another YouTuber made a remix of this cute interview, which on tik tok went viral.

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His love of vegetables changed a lot for Tariq. Not only did the little boy become famous overnight, it opened a lot of doors for him.

He was named the official corn ambassador by the US state of South Dakota, reports that People Magazine and Drew Barrymore invited him to her show.

In addition, he has been able to donate a huge amount of food to families in need by working with Green Giant, a company that sells canned vegetables and several varieties of canned corn.

Corn plays an important role in his recipes.

Corn plays an important role in his recipes. © Green Giant

As part of Thanksgiving, the company donated 50,000 cans of corn and 40,000 cans of other vegetables to City Harvest in Brooklyn, New York City, on behalf of the boy.

The project fights against food waste in the big city and provides poor families and people with free food, similar to the Tafel in Germany.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the USA and always takes place on the last Thursday in November. To celebrate the “Thanksgiving” properly, the whole family often gathers and has a feast.

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For this, Tariq was allowed to design two recipes in collaboration with the canning company, one “Corn Kids Pasta with corn and cheese sauce” and “Corn Kids Corn Casserole“.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the 7-year-old will not only be able to stuff himself with corn and turkey, he will also be performing at the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. The parade takes place every year and is televised nationally.

“Thanksgiving is basically a holiday about corn. I mean, any day could be a holiday if you ever eat corn — but that’s the one day we stay home with the family, see a big parade, and then corn can eat. Lots and lots of corn. It’s my favorite day of the year,” the company quoted the seven-year-old as saying press release.

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