Tiktok will share ad profits with video creators, but not everyone is eligible

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Popular content creators on Tiktok will now be able to share in the company’s profits, just like people who post videos on Youtube can earn money from it. The social media announced this.

Today Tiktok has become the most popular social medium, especially among young people. But what it doesn’t have yet is a revenue model for content creators who post their dances and other nonsense on it. That will change in June, according to a blog post from the company behind Tiktok.

Anyone who has 100,000 or more followers on Tiktok will be able to use the new service that the social medium will launch first in the US – and later elsewhere. Tiktok Pulse is going to make it possible to get advertising revenue for the videos you share on the platform. As is already the case on Youtube. 50 percent of the revenue generated by an ad on a video will be shared with the creator if that person is Pulse eligible.

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