Rodrigo de Paul showed his support for Tini

After living their romance in secret and with the utmost care not to alert the media or their fans, the singer Tini Stoessel and the soccer player Rodrigo de Paul You can now express your love to the four winds. Despite the fact that, after the confirmation, they preferred to keep a low profile and have not yet dedicated sweet postings, both are more relaxed in their interactions on social networks. A) Yes, Through his Instagram account, the athlete not only showed that he heard “La Triple T”, his girlfriend’s new song, but also shared his strong opinion about it.

Tini Stoessel premiered “The Triple T”

The photos of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul holding hands while walking through Spain during a sunny day managed to revolutionize social networks. Captured by an army of photographers who were alert to any scoop, they confirmed a romance that was a mere theory for several months. Once the whitewash that fans were waiting for so much, the joy quickly turned into a growing wave of speculation and doubt. The main focused on when they started dating since the exact date would determine whether or not the soccer player was unfaithful to Camila Homs, with whom he spent more than ten years and is the mother of his two children.

From THE M (America) added many more details about it, but two different versions overlapped, causing even more doubts. Yanina Latorre – who claimed to have contact with several “main characters” – said that everything arose in mid-October and that they only met in November, when he had already separated. On the contrary, Estefanía Berardi believed that this is “too long” to be a soccer player and that she was sure that everything started much earlier. In turn, within the sports environment it was said that he was already talking about Tini in June.

They filter the first photos of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul as a couple

In the midst of the controversy that broke out, the two decided that it would be best to continue with a low profile and avoid large public demonstrations. Nevertheless, they no longer hesitate to exchange likes or leave comments, actions that were previously limited to avoid drawing the attention of the watchers eyes of the users. Now, free from restrictions, hearts are dropped non-stop.

It was like that de Paul showed his support for the pop artist at her latest music premiere. On Thursday afternoon and after several days of promotion, Tini surprised her fans with the publication of “La Trilpe T” accompanied by a video clip. With a choreo that will surely become a TikTok trend and a rhythm that invites you to stop and dance, the song has already exceeded one million views on YouTube and threatens to be among the most listened to.

Rodrigo de Paul showed his support for Tiniinstagram @tinistoessel

Happy for the achievements of his new girlfriend and in order to make it obvious but in a subtle way, the midfielder left his like to the post where he announced that the song was already available. He was not the only one who applauded the incredible work of the artist but, among the congratulatory comments, the messages of Oriana Sabatini, Nicki Nicole, Lizardo Ponce and Santiago Artemis also stood out.

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