Tips to change a dollar from a small face and not have problems abroad
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Below, we share some tips to know how to manage your savings, not lose money and assert your income. Only then will you be able to handle the “least preferred” exchange rate because in theory they are “harder to move”.

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Why do you pay less for the dollar expensive girl

According to reports of Argentines who cross the territorial limits, there are many countries where it costs for those tickets to be accepted. For example, it is something that happened to those who traveled to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

“Consumers around the world are advised that there is no need to exchange $100 bills from the old design for the new ones. It is the policy of the US Government that all US coin designs remain legal tender regardless of when they are issued,” the Fed announced in 2013, the last time they renewed ticket design.

The latest version of US banknotes It’s the one with a blue band running through it and Franklin’s face is in the foreground., without the oval. That is the bill called “big head”, and the blue band is an additional security measure that seeks to prevent counterfeiting.

Although there are no “legal” reasons, the “little trees” take the old $100 bills at a discount. The same is true for lower denomination dollars.


What to do if I have dollar face girl

The main alternative is to resort to banks, not to sell but to deposit. I know in detail.

Deposit in savings account

Ideally, leave the old bills in the machines that are in the branches and wait a few days for them to be returned to you. The bank, for its part, has the obligation to accept them and in general when they replace them they deliver new bills.

It’s important to put attention on, in case of going to the window, this option may fail. It may happen that a bank rejects this type of version.

Another way is to use the debit card and spend the foreign currency. Of course, it is necessary to ask the bank beforehand to cover the consumption with funds from the savings bank in dollars,

Change in the USA

If you are traveling in your country of origin, we advise you to change them there. the same ones accept without distinctionas it is legal tender according to current federal regulations.

A common practice is to go to a casino, buy tokens as if you had the intention of betting, but then redeem them again for tickets, which will probably be of newer series. But also buy in stores, they will not make you any problem with it.

Buy abroad

If you like to buy toys, clothes and technological items, this way is for you.

If you are in Argentina and buy in a foreign virtual store, you can pay with your credit card. In this way, in the next summary you will see the amount reflected in dollars, so you can pay at the bank and deliver the “small face” dollarswhich will be taken at full value.

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