Andrea Soledad Correa, the Corrientes teacher who would have been drugged by her students.
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There was a great stir in the Antonio Biale secondary schoolin the province of currentsafter some students put anxiolytics in their teacher’s thermos. What these young people were looking for was save yourself from a Physics exam.

The student involved is 13 years old, and was responsible for placing three crushed tablets of Diazepam in the water that the teacher used to drink mate. After a few hours, the woman decompensated and she had to be hospitalized.

The episode took place on Wednesday, November 16, in the town of Colonia Liebig, near the border with Misiones. the victim is Andrea Soledad Correaof 37 yearswho arrived fainted at the hospital that day.

Andrea Soledad Correa, the Corrientes teacher who would have been drugged by her students. (South American Radio /)

From the institution they released a statement in which they described what happened as a “grave situation”at which they already gave intervention. The educational authorities and the Directorate of Educational Services for Prevention and Support (DISEPA) took action on the matter “with due protection of the psychophysical integrity of those affected.”

They put an anxiolytic in their teacher’s thermos: how was the sequence

The victim’s father Hugo CorreaHe denounced what happened through social networks. She recounted that her daughter “was taking an evaluation and at one point she went to the Rectory to look for a form and her mate team was left in the classroom. She comes back and continues with her class without noticing anything unusual ”.

According to the words of the man from Corrientes, during recess, one of the students told her classmates that I had put three crushed pills in the thermos. That talk was heard by another girl, who quickly notified the rector.

The statement from the school where some students put anxiolytics in their teacher's thermos.

The statement from the school where some students put anxiolytics in their teacher’s thermos. (Clarion/)

Until then the teacher had not yet decompensated. Meanwhile, the managers threatened the students involved with reprimands to all if the person responsible for the act did not appear.

Then a 13-year-old student took charge of what had happened. The teacher’s father had to go looking for her, because she was not in a condition to drive. Notably the woman has diabetes and is hypertensive.

The episode occurred at the

The episode occurred at the “Antonio Biale” Secondary School, in Colonia Liebig. (South American Radio /)

Due to the dangerousness of the situation, Correa filed a complaint with the Police and then went to his home. Nevertheless, on the way he broke down and the man took her urgently to the Virasoro Hospital, where she spent the night hospitalized for observation.

She was drugged by her students: the students’ story

After that, the parents of the student involved appeared at the police station and commented that other students they would have tried to convince their daughter to use rat poisoninstead of Diazepam.

At the moment, it is believed that it was not a collective planning. On the contrary, those involved would be two: the young lady who confessed what happened and another classmate.

In principle, from the institution they asked the teacher to take leave until the end of the school year. Meanwhile, they asked the community of Colonia Liebig “not to echo the reports of social networks” because “it undermines the rights of minors.”

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