Press conference was held on Tuesday afternoon (Photo Agência Brasil)
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Press conference was held on Tuesday afternoon (Photo Agência Brasil)

National President of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, joined this Tuesday afternoon (22) with action at the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) asking for the invalidation of the votes of 279,366 electronic ballot boxes used in the second round of elections. As a basis, the caption uses a technical audit report carried out by the Instituto Voto Legal, hired specifically for this.

According to Costa Neto, the opinion points to fragility and uses the absence of an identifying code in one of the files generated by the ballot boxes of models prior to 2020 to ask for their invalidation.

The institute claims, then, that without code, it would not be possible to link the file generated by the urn (the urn log) to its corresponding physical urn.

To explain the process, the president of the acronym granted a press conference. Shortly after the PL filed the request, the Minister President of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, determined by means of a dispatch that the authors amend the document including both rounds of the election, taking into account that the questioned ballot boxes were used in both rounds.

“The electronic ballot boxes indicated in the initial petition were used both in the first round and in the second round of the 2022 elections. Thus, under penalty of dismissal of the initial petition, the plaintiff must add to the initial petition so that the request covers both rounds of the elections , within 24 hours,” he decided.

The annulment of the votes counted in the questioned ballot boxes would be enough to change the result of the election and make the current President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), go to a second term with 51.05% of the voters’ preference.

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