Viviana Canosa and Juan Carlos Campolongo 20220806

After the resignation of Viviana Canosa to the America GroupRumors began to circulate against Juan Carlos Campolongosince it did not accompany the statement of the former host of A24. However, the lawyer spoke to end the speculation.

On social networks, many users came out to question why the panelist had not joined his colleagues and resigned from the cycle. Faced with this, Campolongo dedicated a post on his Instagram account to Canosa, which he defined as a “noble” person.

I fully sympathize. I do not admit and repudiate prior censorship and any type of censorship”, wrote the former partner of the driver.

Campolongo’s message.

In that sense, he assured that he suffered “many times the censorship in my own flesh throughout my life, even in democratic periods.” Thus, he concluded: “Viviana, a noble person, transparent and a great fighter for her ideals”. “I love you Carlitos“Canosa commented in the publication and put an end to the rumors of enmity.

Viviana Canosa resigned from A24 after being prohibited from showing a report against Sergio Massa: “Always free and worthy”

Canosa’s complaints and the word of Grupo América

“Tonight our cycle has ended Viviana with VoIt’s for A24,” Canosa announced in a thread through his Twitter account. Thus, she explained that they existed “differences with the channel regarding the notion of freedom of expression”.

The statement states: “We believe that defending freedom is also defending a basic institution.” The problem arose when the driver’s team tried to transmit a report against the Minister of Economy, Serge Massa.

“In our opinion, what generates violence is poverty, indigence, unemployment, inflation”, he indicates and adds: “Our opinions and editorial line are merely ours, and we have always been willing to bear the costs of defending them.”

Viviana Canosa 20220806
Canosa’s message.

The message was signed by Canosa, Juan Manuel Dragani, Ezequiel Spillman, Jorge Giacobbe and Andres Bombillar. The absence of Campolongo’s name was what generated commotion.

Without referring to the program or the host, the channel clarified that, “before the profuse diffusion of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones, generating escraches and violence, not only verbal but also physical, against public officials, politicians and leaders in general, and then uploaded to social networks, Grupo América has made the decision not to broadcast the same”.

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