This is what the chandelier in the main hall of the Teatro Colón looks like (Photo: Juan José Bruzza).

All the March 27th is celebrated on world theater dayan initiative created in 1962 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco)) with the International Theater Institutewith the purpose that the performing arts reach more people on the traditional date with which the season starts in Paris, France.

In 1961, the International Theater Institute of UNESCO was in charge of carrying out a world day of one of the most outstanding versions of this type of artistic expression, such as the dramaturgy. As that meeting in Helsinki, Finland, was positive due to the support of the Nordic countries, in 1962 they established the world theater day officially.

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March 27 was a special day in Europe since 1954, since, after the Second World War, it was necessary to formalize a reconstruction of the continent and that day was used to start the season at the Theater des Nations in Paris. There, the main idea was to achieve union between the countries.

This is what the chandelier in the main hall of the Teatro Colón looks like (Photo: Juan José Bruzza).

Currently, the countries that join the world theater day They organize shows in the most prestigious theaters and halls around the world. For those who want to join the best works to this special day, they should contact the International Theater Institute or Cooperating Member of the local or region so that it can also be disseminated through their website.

World Theater Day: the tradition of speeches

Since this day is celebrated, UNESCO holds an opening ceremony and invites a recognized personality from the art world who is in charge of reading a speech related to theater, culture and peace. This message is repeated in theaters around the world and has been translated into twenty languages ​​to achieve a global, unifying version.

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The first of these speeches was read on March 27, 1962 by the French poet, playwright and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau. “The peoples, thanks to the World Theater Days, will take with science, at last, from their riches and will collaborate in a high enterprise of peace”, were the first lines of his text.

Later, other representatives related to the artistic were added, such as Arthur Miller, Laurence Olivier, Pablo Neruda, Richard Burton, Antonio Gala, Humberto Orsini, John Malkovich and Darío Fo.

This is how Neruda expressed himself in his exhibition to represent the voice of Latin America in 1971, two years before his death: “Poetry is my daily bread: I am just a poet from Chile, close and distant from each one of you, men and women of the world theater. I dare, however, to think about what we will all share: a simple theater, but not simplistic, critical but not inhuman, a theater without limitations that advances like a river in the Andes, imposing its own limits”.

Pablo Neruda exhibited for World Theater Day two years before his death.
Pablo Neruda exhibited for World Theater Day two years before his death.

For the 50th anniversary, the chosen one in 2012 was the American actor and filmmaker John Malkovich. “I will address my brief comments to my fellow theater workers, my peers and comrades. Make your work compelling and original. Make it deep, moving, contemplative and unique. That it help us to reflect on what it means to be human, and that this reflection be blessed with heart, sincerity, honesty and grace”, he said in his speech.

He continued: “Let them overcome adversity, censorship, poverty and nihilism, as many will almost certainly be forced to do. May you be blessed with the talent and rigor to teach us about the beating of the human heart in all its complexity, and the humility and curiosity to make it your life’s work. And that the best among you – because you will only be the best, and even they only in the briefest and rarest moments – succeed in outlining that basic question: how do we live? Good luck”.

World Theater Day: best plays on the billboard to celebrate it

  • red carnations (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • Comedians Club (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • with a touch of blush (Multiscene Theater).
  • nudes (Metropolitan Surah Theatre).
  • Eve and Victoria (Multiscene Theater).
  • Elise’s footprints (Picadero Theater).
  • immature (Sancor Seguros National Theater).
  • The Moldavsky Method (Apollo Theater).
  • she in my head (Metropolitan Surah Theatre).
  • little mermaid (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • Trees die standing up (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • Dogs (Picadero Theater).
  • My mother, my girlfriend and I (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • It’s not me, it’s you (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • We are (Theatre Paseo La Plaza).
  • A balcony with a view (Multiscene Theater).

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