Today's ephemeris, June 19: This happened in the world on a day like today

On June 19, but in 1867, Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico, was shot for being an enemy of the Republic.


1846.- In New Jersey (United States) the first official baseball game.

1858.- A strong tremor causes almost the destruction of Texcocoin Mexico.

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1884.- Juan Bautista Alberdi, inspirer of the Argentine Constitution, dies.

1911.- Proclamation of the Republic of Portugal.

1942.- Norm Jean Baker, Marilyn Monroemarried at the age of 16 with James Dougherty.

[1945- The United Nations General Assembly rejects the entry of Spain.

1953.- The Rosenbergs are executed in New York accused of reveal atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

1961.- Kuwait declares its independence from the United Kingdom.

1964.- The US Senate approves the Black Civil Rights Act.

1965.- Military coup in Algeria that overthrows the president Ben Bella and gives power to Houari Boumedian.

1978.- Cartoonist Jim Davis publishes a cat strip for the first time garfield.

1986.- The Peruvian Army suffocates riots in three prisons. More than 250 people die.

1987.- ETA attack in the supermarket hypercor of Barcelona, ​​murdered 21 people.

1991.- The narco Pablo Escobarhead of the Medellín Cartel, surrenders to the Colombian authorities.

nineteen ninety five.- After 22 years in prison and nine in exile, the former guerrilla commander Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo meets with Fidel Castro in Havana.

1996.- Bobby Fischer announces the chess variant “Fischer random chess”.

1999.- The Prince Edward of England and Sophie Rhys-Jones they get married.

2006.- Inauguration in Geneva (Switzerland) of the UN Human Rights Councilreplacing the Human Rights Commission.

2008.- The EU lifts diplomatic sanctions on Cuba.

2010 – royal wedding between the Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling.

2012.- Julian Assange asks for asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid his extradition to Sweden.

2013.- Fifteen killed in a terrorist attack on the United Nations headquarters in Mogadishu (Somalia).

2014.- Philip VI of Bourbon is proclaimed King of Spain.

2017.- NASA discovers ten possible planets with conditions to be habitable.

2019.- A UN report points to the Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman as responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi.


1623.- Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, inventor of the first calculator.

1861.- Jose Rizal, writer, leader of Philippine independence.

1896.- Wallis Simpson, Wife of former British King Edward VIII.

1919.-Louis Jourdan, French actor.

1941.- Vaclav KlausPresident of the Czech Republic.

[1945-AungSanSuuKyiBurmese opposition leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

1947 Salman RushdieBritish writer of Indian origin.

1951.- Francesco MoserItalian cyclist.

1957.- Subcomandante MarcosMexican politician and military.

1964.- Boris JohnsonBritish politician.

1970.- Rahul GandhiIndian politician, son of assassinated Rajiv Gandhi.

1972.- Jean DujardinFrench actor.

1986.- Marvin WilliamsAmerican basketball player.


1938.- Luis González ObregónMexican historian.

1980.- Torcuato Fernandez MirandaSpanish politician.

1990.- Toni Martínezguitarist of “Los Bravos”.

1993.- William GoldingBritish writer, Nobel Prize.

1999.- Henry of OrleansCount of Paris and pretender to the throne of France.

2007.- José Luis Cantero “El Fary”Spanish singer.

2009.- Vicente FerrerSpanish cooperant.

2010.- Carlos MonsivaisMexican writer and journalist.

2018.- Rafael AlcidesCuban poet.

– Angel MedardoEcuadorian musician, father of Andean cumbia.

2020.- Carlos Ruiz ZafonSpanish writer.

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