Today's ephemeris, June 21: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On another June 21, but 1948, the Victoria University of Manchester (United Kingdom) presents the “Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine” (SSEM), nicknamed “Baby”, the first computer capable of storing programs.


1814.- Ferdinand VII restores the Inquisition in Spain and America.

1903.- A earthquake of magnitude 8.4 on the Richter scale in Sicily (Italy), leaves 60,000 victims.

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1908.- Some 250,000 women claim in Hyde Park (London) the right to vote.

1911.- Porfirio Diazpresident of Mexico, goes into exile in Paris.

1916.- Battle of El Carrizal between Mexico and the United States.

1930.- Closure of the Ibero-American Exhibition of Seville.

1933.- Hitler bans non-Nazi parties in Germany.

1963.- the cardinal Giovanni Montinielected Pope under the name of Paul VI.

1966.- It is reported that Fabrizio Ojeda, head of the Revolutionary Movement of Venezuela, has committed suicide in the prison of La Guaira. His family talks about murder.

1970.- In Ecuador, the president Velasco Ibarra it suspends the Constitution, dissolves Congress and gives itself full powers.

1974.- Premiere in the United States of “Chinatown”.

1978.- The musical “avoidAndrew Lloyd Webber.

1980.- Twenty-seven Guatemalan trade unionists from the National Workers Center (CNT) They are arrested and later reported missing.

1982.- John Hinckley, Jr. is found not guilty on psychological grounds for the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan.

1986.- At least 200 people die buried under a landslide on a highway in the Ecuadorian province of Putumayo.

1987.- Tomas Alcantaraconsidered the oldest man in Peru, dies at 143 years old.

1990.- More than 60,000 dead and 200,000 wounded in a magnitude 7.3 earthquake on the Richter scale in Iran.

1991.- Narasimha Rao takes office as Prime Minister of India, a month after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

1992.- They arrest Luis Alberto Arana Franco, Comrade Manuelhead of logistics for the Maoist Shining Path gang, in Lima (Peru).

1993.- The Spanish State acquires the Baron’s art collection Thyssen-Bornemisza for 350 million dollars.

2000.- The Chilean government approves the Law that preserves the identity of those who provide information on the whereabouts of the disappeared during the dictatorship.

2002.- The president of the Central Bank of Argentina, mario blejerresign from office.

– The WHO declares Europe, including Spain, free of poliomyelitis.

2004.- SpaceShipOne”, first manned space rocket of private origin.

2005.- The Prime Minister of Vietnam, Phan Van Khaitravels to Washington in the first visit by a Vietnamese leader to the US since 1975.

2007.- The designer ralph lauren launches the first display case with a touch screen.

2008.- The shuttle “Princess of Stars”, with 862 people on board, was shipwrecked in the Philippines by typhoon “Fengshen”. 48 people survive.

2012.- US Series Finale “dr house”.

2013.- the spanish doctor Pedro Guillen performs the world’s first surgical intervention with “Google Glass”.

2018.- The Eurogroup closes the rescue to Greece after eight years of financial assistance.

2020.- The state of alarm in Spain decreed by the coronavirus on March 14, 2020, and extended up to six times.

2021.- Jon Rahmfirst Spaniard to win the US Open Golf.


1905.- Jean-Paul SartreFrench writer and philosopher.

1921.- Jane Russell, American actress.

-Judy Holliday American actress.

1938.- Dan BurtonUS Republican congressman, co-author of the Helms-Burton Act on the embargo on Cuba.

1948.- Ian McEwanBritish writer.

1953.- Benazir Bhuttoformer Prime Minister of Pakistan.

1955.- Michel PlatiniFrench footballer.

1958.- Jaime Urrutia (“Gabinete Galigari”), Spanish musician.

1961.- Manu Chao (“Black Hand”), French musician.

1967.- Pierre Omidyarfounder and CEO of “eBay”.

1982.- William of Windsoreldest son of Charles of England, Prince of Wales.

1983.- Edward Snowdenformer adviser to the National Security Agency (NSA) and accused of revealing the programs of mass surveillance of telephones and the Internet.

1985.- Lana Del ReyAmerican singer.


1527.- Niccolò MachiavelliItalian politician and writer.

1908.- Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovcomposer and conductor.

1914.- Bertha von SuttnerAustrian writer, Nobel Peace Prize.

1970.- Ahmed SukarnoIndonesian statesman.

1992.- Li Xiannianformer Chinese president.

2003.- Leon UrisAmerican novelist of Jewish origin.

2014.- Gerry Conlon, one of the “Guildford Four”.

2017.- Pompey MarquezVenezuelan politician.

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