Today's ephemeris, June 24: What happened in the world on a day like today

On a June 24, but in 1821, Venezuela seals its independence after the Battle of Carabobo, where South American patriots commanded by General Simón Bolívar defeat the Spanish Army. June 24 is the Day of the Battle of Carabobo.


1509.- Catherine of Aragondaughter of the Catholic Monarchs and first wife of Henry VIII, is crowned Queen of England.

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1571.- The city is founded Manila under the orders of the Spanish admiral Miguel López de Legazpi.

1717.- The first Masonic Grand Lodge is founded in England.

1823.- formation of the Federation of United Provinces of Central Americawith Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, with capital in Guatemala.

1859.- Battle of Solferino (Italy) with the defeat of the Austrians.

1865.- Spain recognizes El Salvador as an independent country.

1901.- Pablo Picasso He exhibits for the first time at the “Ambroise Vollard” gallery in Paris.

1921.- The autogyro of Juan de la Cierva successfully rises at the Getafe aerodrome (Madrid).

1932.- military coup in siamese (current Thailand), which ends with the absolute monarchy.

1948.- Cold War: ground blockade of West Berlin.

1950.- Inauguration of the Municipal Stadium of Rio de Janeiro, maracanawith a Mexico-Brazil match for the fourth World Cup.

1960.- Joseph Kasavubu, appointed first president of the independent Congo.

.- The Venezuelan president, Romulo Betancourtsuffers an attack from which he is wounded.

1965.- The OAS Council agrees to withdraw from the Dominican Republic to the inter-American peacekeeping forces.

1969.- Promulgated the agrarian reform in Peru by Juan Velasco Alvarado.

1980.- The Spanish Congress approves the Organic Law of Religious Freedom.

1983.- Founded in London International Democratic Union (IDU)bringing together conservative, Christian Democrat and liberal parties.

– Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat he is expelled from Damascus for “slander” against the Syrian regime.

1985.- Francesco Cossiga, elected president of Italy.

1989.- The Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, dismissed Zhao Ziyang.

2001.- The Andean countries sign the Carabobo Actwith advances in political and social integration, 32 years after the birth of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN).

– Fujimori’s former adviser, the Peruvian, arrested in Venezuela Vladimiro Montesinos.

2005.- The social network is launched Yahoo! 360º.

2007.- Businessman Mauricio Macri is imposed in the elections for mayor of Buenos Aires.

Gordon Brown is proclaimed leader of the British Labor Party in place of Tony Blair.

2010.- Julia Gillardfirst woman to assume the Government of Australia.

2012.- Mohammad Mursiof the Muslim Brotherhood, wins the Egyptian presidential elections.

2013.- Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi he is sentenced to seven years in prison for the Ruby case.

2016.-David Cameron resigns after the victory of “Brexit”.

2018.- The head of state of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoganwin the presidential elections.

2019.- The Balancing Brothers Nik and Lijana Wallenda they cross New York’s Times Square walking on a cable located about 25 stories high.

2021.- Crashes in the middle of the night apartment building in surf sidein Miami-Dade, and in the following days the bodies of 98 people are found.

– The Spanish aid worker Maria Hernandez of Doctors Without Borders is assassinated in Ethiopia.

– found in Israel a new unknown human species.


1542.- John of the CrossCarmelite saint and mystic poet.

1908.- Hugo Distler, German composer.

1911.- Ernesto SabatoArgentine writer.

– Juan Manuel FangioArgentinian racing driver.

1932.- Queta Claver, Spanish actress.

– Anthony Chenel “Antoñete”, Spanish bullfighter.

1942.- Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagleformer president of Chile.

1948.- Armando Calderonformer president of El Salvador,

1977.- Nina ZhivanevskayaRussian nationalized Spanish swimmer.

1978.- Juan Roman RiquelmeArgentinean soccer player.

1987.- Leo Messi, Argentinean soccer player.


1519.- Lucrezia BorgiaItalian princess.

1908.- Grover Cleveland, former US president.

1935.- Carlos Gardel, Uruguayan singer and actor, tango legend.

[1945-JoseGutierrez-Solana, Spanish painter and writer.

1960.- Rafael Zabaleta, Spanish painter.

1988.- Juan Manuel Diaz Caneja, Spanish painter.

1991.- Rufino TamayoMexican painter.

2000.- Juan José de la CiervaSpanish inventor and engineer.

– Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno, “Potro Rodrigo”, Argentine singer.

2001.- Manuel Soto Monk“El Sordera”, Spanish singer.

2006.- Joaquin JordáSpanish film director.

2012.- “Lonesome George”, last specimen of the giant Pinta tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdonii).

2014.- Eli WallachAmerican actor.

2018.-David Goldblatt, South African photographer.

2021.- Benigno Aquinoformer president of the Philippines.

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