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Tomás Fonzi revealed the unusual reason why he married Leticia Lombardi after 15 years as a couple

Another retro photo of Tomás Fonzi and Leticia Lombardi (Photo: File)

Thomas Fonz He knew how to position himself as one of the most popular leading men on Argentine television. Since his early work, which included the success of summer of ’98, managed to conquer the hearts of Argentines. But his explosive popularity was always at odds with the secrecy he adopted towards his private life, and especially in his relationship with his partner, Leticia Lombardi. Surprisingly, this week the actor revealed the reason why he got married after 15 years of love and left everyone surprised.

Leticia Lombardi and Tomás Fonzi met when they were 20 years old and their relationship was marked by some twists and turns. “We went back and forth several times, and one of those back and forth lasted about three years without knowing anything about each other. Then our paths crossed again, “said the actor in dialogue with the radio program Hold on Catherine. And he revealed that when that reunion took place, plans arose to form a family together and they did so: they currently have two children, Violet (11) and Teo (5), whose face is unknown due to a decision of the couple. Also, the life of the now wife of the actor is unknown, since she stays away from the media and with a low profile.

Another retro photo of Tomás Fonzi and Leticia Lombardi (Photo: File)

The next step they had planned was marriage. But the actor said that had two failed attempts and that due to bureaucratic issues it could not be carried out. But It was in February that the couple said yes, in an intimate ceremony at the Civil Registry. Away from the press and the traditional party, the couple opted for an intimate event that ended with a family lunch.

Four months after that event, Fonzi made a revelation that drew powerful attention, since far from romanticism indicated that his interest in saying yes was merely economic. In dialogue with the youtuber Paul Augustinerecalled that he got married in February and assured that the reason was the procedure that could be carried out in the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). “You download taxes”assured the actor about the change in his economic situation after saying yes.

Tomas Fonzi on his marriage

“You are a parent, so you report to the AFIP and download taxes. Before I was single, but now I am a family man, I have a house, two children, schools, a wife”, he detailed about the monetary benefits that he discovered would change if he was married, and led him to make the final decision. Although on previous occasions he spoke about the two times they tried to get married, this is the first time that Tomás has been honest about the main reason that led him to make the decision.

In addition, he made it clear that for him it was a mere formality, since the couple’s idea was to make the necessary signatures and continue that same day with their recording day. But not everything was so cold, on that special day there was a change of planssince at the last minute they told Fonzi that he would not be working that day, so they had a lunch with their loved ones. Along these lines, the artist indicated that he does not plan to marry in the Church or hold a party in the near future.

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