Segundo Pisani, winger and captain of CUBA, on the attack;  Jerónimo Ureta, from Newman, awaits him

It was another day of great emotions, as this Top 13 of the URBA has been accustoming us. As in the semifinal of last year, although with greater ease, CUBA was Newman’s “black beast”. That time, for the semifinals, Newman arrived as the best team in the championship, outlined to fight for the long-awaited title, and Universitario embittered it with a try at the end by Lucas Piña. This Saturday, in Villa de Mayo, for the eighth date of the qualifying stage and with a tremendous display of rugby, CUBA took away the undefeated by clearly winning 39-25even having a greater advantage (39-13) until near the end.

“It was a great match, very hard, with Newman. It was a clash with a lot of weather already from the previous one. The hunger that this team has to compete was seen. You live it in the week to such a special game. Newman doesn’t forgive you for mistakes. We worked well and the try at 14 seconds showed what we set out to do: be focused from the start, to make a difference from the start. Always pressing on defense. We played the game we wanted, that we set out to do. In defense and in fixed formations we were superior, they were our flags of victory. Now to enjoy and think about the future. We have two weekends off to prepare,” he said. Second Pisani, CUBA captain. The two weeks off is because next weekend there will be no date, and in the resumption, on May 28, Universitario will be free on the ninth day.

Segundo Pisani, winger and captain of CUBA, on the attack; Jerónimo Ureta, from Newman, awaits himLANACION/Santiago Filipuzzi

What happened on Newman’s side, how did you feel the first setback of the championship? “They have good permanent positions, they have been working for a long time. They were very solid. We don’t have to despair over this defeat, keep working and bet on what’s to come. You always want to win, all your life, but you can correct it. We entered to win, sometimes it happens, other times it doesn’t. But always with clear objectives. We are calm,” he said. Alexander Urtubey, Captain of Newman.

No less attractive was the proposal in Don Torcuato, between two teams that usually offer fierce matches. It was Hindu beating in the first half, with a 29-10 lead thanks to two tries from Torcuato Pulido and a remarkable performance by the fly half and ex-Puma Santiago Fernandez. But whatever good the Hindu did at that early stage, the ALMOST he cut it down in 7 minutes in the second period, scoring three tries to go ahead 31-29. At 15 minutes, Hindú again took advantage of a maul at the end of a line to take the reins again, taking advantage of the fact that the rival was left with one less.

Then, Hindú regained control, in a real game that had no less than 12 tries (7 for Hindú, 5 for CASI), with the outstanding performance of Santi Fernández, author of 20 points. A) Yes, Hindu finished with a very good victory by 50-36 which allowed him to position himself in fourth place.

With a lot of noise and offensive mentality: this is how Hindu-ALMOST played
With a lot of noise and offensive mentality: this is how Hindu-ALMOST playedRodrigo Nespolo

Another great match of the sunny day was played in Virrey del Pino, where Belgrano Athletic defeated Pucará 39-28. Burzaco’s team continues without raising its head and is in the last places, with just one victory in seven games, while Belgrano is fighting to qualify.

When it comes to offering a high-flying match and many points, Rosario cannot complain about the production offered by Atlético and Buenos Aires Criquet & Rugby Club. Plaza has been one of the revelations of the tournament and sealed his fourth victory in seven games, although it cost him, and a lot, to break the last of the championship. Finally, he won 38-34.

In the La Plata classic, Los Tilos achieved a very good victory over San Luis by 21-12, while Alumni took another key step in seeking to advance to the next stage of the tournament: in Bella Vista, they outscored Regatas by 25-10, his sixth success in eight games, which earned him a jump to second place. For the San Isidro Club, which was one of Newman’s escorts with 22 points, being released meant falling back to fifth place

The results of the eighth date were the following:

CUBA 39 vs Newman 25

Hindu 50 vs ALMOST 36

Atletico del Rosario 38 vs. Buenos Aires CRC 34

Regatta Bella Vista 10 vs Alumni 25

Los Tilos 21 vs San Luis 12

Belgrano Athletic 39 vs. Pucara 28

Free: SIC.

The positions were as follows:

1st, Newman, with 28 points (7 games played)

2nd, Alumni, with 26 points (8 PJ)

2nd, CUBA, with 26 points (8 PJ)

4th, Hindu, with 25 points (7 PJ)

5th, SIC, with 22 points (7 PJ)

6th, Atlético del Rosario, with 18 points (7 PJ)

7th, Belgrano, with 18 points (8 PJ)

8th, ALMOST, with 14 points (7 PJ)

9th, Los Tilos, with 12 points (8 PJ)

10th, Regatas, with 11 points (7 PJ)

11th, San Luis, with 8 points (7 PJ)

12th, Buenos Aires, with 7 points (8 PJ)

13th, Pucará, with 6 points (7 PJ)

This will be the program for the ninth date of the Top 13, to be played on Saturday, May 28:

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