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The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, assured this Friday that the Government “will not allow the double stigmatization” of those who access social programs and those who “administer them” from the State, and stated that Irregularities were only detected in 0.3% of the people who access the Potenciar Trabajo program.

In this way, the minister referred to the possible irregularities and inconsistencies in the list of beneficiaries of this program based on journalistic information and judicial presentations that were carried out in recent days.

“The Government will not allow the double stigmatization of those who receive social programs and those who administer them from the State. We detected irregularities in only 0.3 percent of the universe of beneficiaries and 99.7 meet all the requirements to receive this benefit,” said Tolosa Paz at a conference held at Casa Rosada.

“We detected irregularities in only 0.3 percent of the universe of beneficiaries and 99.7 meet all the requirements to receive this benefit”Victoria Toulouse Peace

In this sense, he reported that “a brief survey will give us the necessary information for this Ministry to better design the instruments for the bridge to formal work, the best design of the productive units, the delivery of tools and training incentive programs and to the studio.

The official also indicated on her social networks that “Those who do not revalidate before January 6, 2023 will be excluded from the program.”

“In the next few hours we will start a campaign to disseminate and accompany the people who must do so. We are going to be close, in each neighborhood and in each community to help them, ”she assured.

Tolosa Paz also indicated that it also ordered “an internal audit of the administrative procedures to detect possible inconsistencies in the registration and withdrawal processes of the Potenciar Trabajo program.”

“With this report we will make decisions to improve the control of the procedures,” he remarked.

It also announced that from next Tuesday it will be available both on the app and on the website of Mi Argentina “an application to carry out, free of charge, transparently and obligatorily, the biometric revalidation of the identity of the holders of the Empower Work”.

“Potenciar Trabajo is not incompatible with being the owner of a property, nor with having a motorcycle or a car that is more than 10 years old. But Yes, it is incompatible with the purchase of foreign currency”, assured Tolosa Paz.

The minister affirmed that 2,098 people acquired foreign currency, and among them, in the last 6 months, 430 holders made 293,413 dollars: “Half of that amount (a little more than 130,000 dollars) was acquired by 23 people. The Bank Central has also informed us who has used dollars with a credit card.”

“We are crossing data and all information about irregularities will be presented to the Justice,” he said.

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