It is a plug-in hybrid.
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The Toyota Prius was one of the World’s first mass-selling hybrid cars. It is a success in many markets, including the US where “Prius” became synonymous with fuel efficiency and reliability. But overall, it was never considered a “nice” car.

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Now Toyota considered attacking that criticism and completely revamped its design, with a car that looks more modern and in tune with the times. It’s still a hybrid (and only a hybrid), but with multiple improvements like more powerful mechanics.

It is a plug-in hybrid.

As for the design, the change was complete. Now looks more like the bZ3the brand’s midsize electric car, with smoother lines and a more modern image.

It was developed on the second generation of the TNGA-C platformand the body in total is 5 cm shorter than before (4.53 meters long), 2 wider and 5 lower, with a wheelbase that grows 5 cm.

The C-shaped headlights stand out, a well-launched bonnet that continues the line with the windshield. The rear doors “hide” their handles in the pillars and the rear sector has an abrupt finish with lights that go from end to end.

The rear door handles are "hidden" in the stop
The rear door handles are “hidden” in the pillar.

This is the fifth generation of the model, which the brand has been selling since 1997.

The mechanics were completely renewed. The 151 CV 2.0 naftero is combined with the 163 CV electric, to together deliver 223 horsepower. It is an abysmal difference with just 122 CV of the alcual model.

The Toyota Prius completely changed its design.
The Toyota Prius completely changed its design.

It’s about a plug-in hybrid which can travel about 70 km in electric mode.

Inside, it no longer uses a dashboard in the center of the console, but instead bets on the recipe of a small steering wheel and high instruments.

Interior similar to electric Toyota.
Interior similar to electric Toyota.

Renovation of the national SW4

Toyota renewed the SW4 range, the “closed” version of the Hilux and direct rival of the Chevrolet Trailblazer (it is another SUV based on a pick up, in this case the S10). It shortened the offer of versions and increased the power of the sporty GR-Sport.

From the Toyota SW4 portfolio the SR 5-seat automatic and SRX 7-seat manual versions were fired; that is to say, the two most “accessible” of this national production model, which -like the Hilux- was born at the Z├írate plant, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The Toyota SW4 GR-S was launched in November 2021 and just one year later its engine was updated: went from 204 to 224 horsepower, thanks to a series of tweaks. It is now the same horsepower offered by the Hilux GR-S.

The engine in question is the 2.8 liter turbodiesel, which in this version is only combined with a six-speed automatic gearbox and a 4×4 all-wheel drive system. In addition to power, also increases the maximum torque from 500 to 550 Nm.

The most important thing about the Toyota SW4 GR-S is that it includes changes in the suspension setup, such as the GR monotube telescopic shock absorbers. Thanks to this, the brand says that “a firmer vehicle is achieved, with a lower degree of roll and greater solidity”.

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