Trades: What are the most required areas in the labor market?

What percentage of sector ads does each area represent?

  • Maintenance and Cleaning represents 21% of the total notices in the sector in 2022;
  • Security, 13%;
  • Mechanic, 10%;
  • Driver, 6%;
  • Electronic Technician, 6%;
  • Factory Operator, 6%;
  • Electrician, 5%.

The categories with the highest number of applications are Maintenance and CleaningSecurity, Factory Operator, CadeterĂ­a, Driver, Internship or Trainee, Cashier, Valet Parking, Mechanic and Electrician.


60% of job applicants at Bumeran are men and 40% are women.

What ages are the applicants?

52.8% of those seeking employment online are millennials between the ages of 25 and 37. 20.8% are centennial, aged between 18 and 24; 15.3% are from generation X, aged between 38 and 47 years; 4.7% are late baby boomers, aged between 48 and 57 years; and 1.2% are baby boomers, aged 58 and over.


There are almost no differences between the age groups that apply for trades and those that participate in the general labor market.

The positions that have applicants with lower average ages are:

  • Promoters, with an average of 24 years;
  • Aesthetics and Personal Care, 25 years old;
  • Cadeteria, 26 years old;
  • Back Office, 27 years old;
  • Box, 27 years old;
  • Translation, 29 years old;
  • Maintenance and Cleaning, 29 years old;
  • Security, 31 years;
  • Passenger transport, 34 years.

Most positions are part time

While in the general labor market part time jobs represent 8% and full time jobs 92%, in the trades segment these categories are 15% and 85%. This means that there is a greater number of positions with part-time dedication in the sector.

What jobs are mostly part time?

The items that register a higher percentage of part time notices are:

  • Babysitter, with 80%;
  • Promoters/s, with 62%;
  • Valet Parking, with 55%;
  • Gardener, with 50%;
  • Cadet, with 35%

Labor market: What are the positions with the best remuneration?

The same report also states which are the positions with the highest salaries:

  • Product with 324,252 pesos per month at the level of boss or supervisor;
  • Technology/Systems with 310,234 pesos per month in the semi-senior or senior positions;
  • Mining/Oil/Gas with 163,958 pesos per month in the junior segment.

What are the areas with the highest number of ads and applications in the general labor market in May?

Overall job market ad growth so far in 2022 remains at 89% compared to the same period last year. The sectors with the greatest growth in the volume of ads are Administration and Finance with 128%, Human Resources with 122%, Others (Gastronomy and Tourism; Management and General Management; Customs and Foreign Trade; Teaching and Research; Mining, Oil and Gas ; Health, Medicine and Pharmacy; Insurance) with 99% and Commercial with 93%.

These sectors register an increase in the number of notices over the labor market average.

What are the areas with the most applications in May?

The areas that receive the greatest number of applications are Administration and Finance with 29%, Commercial with 25% and Production, Supply and Logistics with 22%.

Bumeran is the largest online employment portal in Latin America, with a presence in five countries: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Panama. These sites offer more than 70,000 job offers and receive more than 10 million visits per month.

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