Banks in the country react to Petro's triumph: "Respect for private initiative"

Thousands of people erupted in jubilation and took to the streets of towns and cities across the country this Sunday to celebrate the election of Gustavo Petro as president of the country.

Caravans of cars and people raising Colombian flags were the common denominator of this celebration accompanied by rain and cold, at least in Bogotá, where the festival of vehicles, fueled by batucadas and fireworks, collapsed some of the city’s avenues.

To the cry of “Petro Presidente”, “yes it was possible, yes it was possible to beat the machines”, thousands of people gathered in the Plaza de Bolívar, where it was believed that the candidate could be present. As the night progressed, the people continued to party and it did not matter that Petro had not come to celebrate the victory there.

In other Colombian cities, people also took to the streets to celebrate that Petro, from the coalition of the Historical Pact, prevailed over the populist Rodolfo Hernández.

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But the places where the demonstration was perhaps most significant were in the portals of Suba and Las Américas, where the most violent clashes between protesters and the Riot Squad took place about a year ago.

(See later: The prosecutor’s first clash with Petro: he lowered his cane by requesting “freedom for young people”)

In videos shared by media such as La Silla Vacía, the concentrations were seen in the south of Bogotá, where the concentration was going to go to the headquarters of the District University, but finally it remained there:

They also took the road momentarily, but this time there was no intervention from the authorities. Instead, the protesters were accompanied by car whistles and gunpowder:

Something similar happened in Suba:

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