"traumatized so far"says elderly man who received rear naked choke and kick during robbery

“The difficult thing is not the damage I took, but the trauma that remains”, told Campo Grande News the 70-year-old man who was attacked during a robbery this Saturday morning in the Capital, in the Nova Serrana subdivision, in Jardim Noroeste. Still shaken by the violence of the robbery, he detailed to the report how it all happened. “I live alone, I woke up early, tidied up the house and went to the grocery store to start working, as it was still very early, I stood there at the door smoking a cigarette”, explains the elderly man, who will not be identified by security. According to him, the robber arrived in a white car and was in the passenger seat at around 7:30 am. “He asked if I had any vodka, I said I had run out of it, then he asked for a drink, I went to get it and on the way back he already gave me the rear naked choke. He threw me on the floor and I fell on my back”, details the victim. With high blood pressure, the elderly man was lying on the floor while the thief stole all the cash from the cashier, R$ 200, and a cell phone. “I even asked him not to take my phone, that’s all I had, but he told me to be quiet, looked me in the face and punched me in the nose. Then he kicked me in the head and left in the car.” According to the old man, as soon as the robber left he got up and locked everything. Leaning against the walls, he went to the bathroom to wash the blood off his face and asked a neighbor for help. “I have two children, one lives in Bahia and the other in Holland. I asked the neighbor to call my ex-wife, then she sent a friend of mine to come help and we called the police”. The victim also said that when the car pulled over he thought it was a neighbor and that the robber must not be over 25 years old, as he appeared to be very young. “I’m traumatized until now, dizzy until now and I’m not even hungry”, concluded the elderly man.

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