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Rapper Travis Scott has returned to public appearances for the first time since the drama at the Astroworld festival in Houston. At that festival in November 2021, ten festival-goers were killed on the field during his concert. Houston Police Department and the FBI are still investigating how that tragedy could have happened. Scott is being sued by multiple parties.


Nevertheless, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, according to the website Page Six, the 31-year-old rapper gave a 45-minute show at the E11EVEN nightclub in Miami. Scott sang some of his hits and encouraged the audience to take shots of liquor. He himself walked across the stage with a bottle of tequila. The event was part of the festivities the nightclub hosted during the city’s Grand Prix weekend.

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Travis has performed a few times before after Astroworld. But he always did that at private parties, for example around the Coachella music festival and after the Oscars.

Scott is held jointly responsible for the drama on Astroworld by various parties. He not only performed when the chaos broke out, but was also one of the organizers of the festival.

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