Jury Court where the trial would take place today.  (Photo: Paul Francis)

Defense lawyer also had trial today in another district and asked for adjournment

Jury Court where the trial would take place today. (Photo: Paul Francis)

Juliano da Silva Teixeira, 33, accused of trying to shoot his wife to death, had his trial postponed to July 27. The man would sit in the dock today (22), but at the request of the defense attorney, the jury changed. The crime took place on August 27, 2020 in Jardim Cabreúva, in Campo Grande.

The defense lawyer informed Judge Aluísio Pereira dos Santos that he also had a trial today with a defendant arrested in another district and asked for a postponement, which was granted by the judge and rescheduled.

Juliano, who is currently free, had been with his wife for 15 years and had three children. When suspecting alleged betrayal, he squeezed the trigger five times against the victim’s head and the gun failed four times.

On the day of the crime, Juliano, suspiciously, locked all the doors of the house, turned on the music at high volume and confronted the woman. There was an argument, he cursed her and then said he would kill her. Juliano threw the victim on the bed and began to hit her with several punches in the eye.

To defend himself, the victim kicked his companion, who then took the firearm and aimed it at her head. “I will kill you and the children”, he allegedly threatened. He pulled the trigger five times, but four times, the gun failed. In the last shot, the victim dodged and was grazed. The man fled on a motorcycle and was arrested days later.

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