Vessel used by the trio.  (Photo: Disclosure/PMA)
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Inspection carried out by the Environmental Military Police is part of Operation Piracema

Vessel used by the trio. (Photo: Disclosure/PMA)

Three fishermen, aged 23, 26 and 34, residents of Maracaju, were arrested by the PMA (Environmental Military Police) of Bela Vista on Saturday (19) afternoon, when they were practicing predatory fishing. The crime took place in the municipality 322 kilometers from Campo Grande.

The team, which works in Operation Piracema, was inspecting the Apa River, when they came across offenders on a boat, in the vicinity of a fishing spot, located 60 kilometers from the city, and they were fishing during this prohibited period.

The fishermen had captured two specimens of fish, one of the pacu species and the other of the piraputanga species, weighing 4.5 kilos. The fish, a boat, an outboard motor and three rods with reels used in illegal fishing were seized.

The offenders were arrested and taken, along with the seized material, to the Bela Vista Civil Police station, where they were charged in flagrante delicto for the environmental crime of predatory fishing and left after paying bail.

If convicted of the crime, they could be sentenced to one to three years in prison. They were also administratively booked and fined BRL 830 each, totaling BRL 2,490. The fish will be donated to institutions after inspection.

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