Truck crashes leave 17 injured at different points in Celaya

Celaya, Guanajuato.- At least 17 people were injured in two different accidents involving public transport trucks in Celaya.

Those affected presented various injuries and were transferred to different hospitals in Celaya.

Paramedics and emergency corps Celaya, Juventino Rosas, Apaseo el Grande and Comonfort helped the injured.

The first accident was reported at 6:30 in the afternoon, when a spectacular mishap was reported on the Manuel J. Clouthier axis (northwest axis) at the height of the Factory Square.

Elements of Civil Protection, Traffic and Road Policeas well as paramedics from different police corporations.

Impacted against a truck and a sign was located a passenger truck of the company Guanajuato Greens and the Latino 2 route.

The truck was a white Tacoma, which had damage to the left side and front end.

When the emergency services arrived, they treated at least five people, the crew of the truck and the passengers of the truck.

According to the first investigations, it is known that the driver of the van wanted to join the axis, without observing that the minibus was circulating at that moment.

The truck operator was unable to brake and side-steered the truck to drag it for several meters and finally hit the sign.

The circulation of the axis was closed for more than an hour while the vehicles were removed.

They pass the stop and leave 12 injured

The second accident occurred 45 minutes later when a multiple-injured crash was reported at the roundabout toward Juventino Rosas.

Due to the magnitude of the accident, the emergency bodies of Celayarequested support from nearby municipalities to transfer the victims to hospitals.

A company passenger truck was found in this place. Celaya Urban and Suburban Buses.

At least 12 people traveling in the truck were injured and with different blows, for which they were treated and stabilized while ambulances arrived to be taken to different clinics.

Even motorists who passed through the area and relatives who arrived, tried to reassure those affected.

Meters ahead, a yellow torton truck and a damaged car were found, since they were also involved in the accident.

According to the first investigations, the passenger truck was driving on the roundabout, with the intention of taking the road to Juventino Rosaswhile the torton truck circulated from San Miguel de Allende a Celaya.

At the intersection of the roundabout and the traffic light area, one of them, without specifying who until now, ran the red light of the traffic light and that was how the spectacular crash occurred.

The torton hit the minibus on the right side, causing it to turn at least once and then hit the traffic light pole.

Unofficially, it was learned that the truck drivers fled the scene.

So far, the authorities are expected to provide official information to determine the exact number of people injured.

The authorities will carry out the investigations in this regard to determine responsibilities.


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