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“Introducing high-tech vehicles to the Argentine market satisfies us and allows us to continue growing with the medium and large carriers. We constantly analyze the market to understand the needs of our clients and to be able to offer them the best alternatives for their business. That is why we continue to expand our portfolio of nationally manufactured products”, commented Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of Iveco Argentina.

The 9 and 11 ton Tectors, until now coming from Brazil, stand out for the quality of their cabin, chassis, motorization and comfort. These equipments have power and torque with low diesel consumption, due to the powertrain made up of the engine manufactured by FPT Industrial at its factory in Córdoba, the FPT N 4.5 ID with 190 hp of power.

For its part, the 170G21 Bus joins the portfolio of vehicles powered by alternative energies. With a capacity for 48 passengers, this product is designed for short and medium distance urban and interurban transport. On this point, the firm held an event at the Córdoba plant in which it launched the first CNG bus manufactured in the country.

With an FPT Industrial NEF 6-cylinder CNG engine and a capacity of 80 liters each tube, it has a range of 250 km. The 170G21 achieves a maximum power of 204 hp.

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With the aim of continuing to lead the change towards a sustainable transport system, Scania offers vehicles powered by alternative fuels to diesel applicable to different operations in Argentina. For the construction industry, the CNG concrete mixer is an efficient solution that reduces environmental impact.

Belonging to the XT range, a Scania line made up of units specially developed for off-road tasks, this P340 6×4 allows savings in operating costs of up to 30%. It offers a range of between 150 and 200 kilometers, and has slightly increased the wheelbase, where the four-tube packs are located on each side of the chassis.

Along these lines, the Swedish brand recently managed, together with YPF and Copparoni SA, the necessary authorizations for a CNG-powered truck to operate in refineries and distribute fuel at the state oil company’s service stations. After an extensive process, the G410 6×2 model of the Green Efficiency line became the first CNG unit to serve the Hazardous Cargo segment.

+ MB Actros 2545.jpg

Mercedes Benz

The Actros 2545 LS/33 is a product positioned as an entry-level product within the family of this model, and has all the same security systems that come standard in the other versions, a standard model, and also interior equipment very high: Multimedia Cockpit with two 10” screens (one of them touchscreen), comfortable driving position, 2.5 meter wide cabin with 120 mm engine tunnel and a height of 1.84 meters inside, which is in a spacious interior space, which includes a 2.20 meter long bed.

The launch of this model introduced important changes. First of all, the 3,250 mm wheelbase is available as standard on both the 6×2 versions, the Actros 2545 and 2548. This is a great benefit, mainly for scalability, since long equipment (15.50 meters) can be attached without exceed the maximum permitted length of 18.60 meters. On the other hand, the new Mercedes-Benz NFD R440 final axle ratio of 2,733:1 will also be available as standard, both in the 6×2 versions and in the Actros 2045, 4×2. This axle ratio, which is 4% longer than the previous one, provides a lower engine rpm and fuel consumption is optimized. The impact on performance is minimized by the great power of its OM 460 BlueTec 5 engines, which range from 449 CV for the 4×2 and 6×2 versions to 510 CV for the 6×4 version.

All Actros models come standard with ABS (anti-lock braking system), ASR (traction control system), EBS (electronic braking system), ESP (stability control), cruise control with distance regulation, lane change detection, fatigue alert system and driver airbag.

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