Trueno premiered his new song with Nathy Peluso, "Argentina"

From this Thursday at 19 you can listen “Argentina”, the new Thunder with Nathy Peluso, on all digital platforms. The union of both promising artists captivated the entire urban scene and its thousands of fans.

The rapper released his latest album –“Right or wrong”– which includes another 14 songs with the participation of Duki, Bizarrap, Randy and his own father, Pedro Peligro. In a few minutes, his album surpassed 200 million views.

This is his second single after the presentation of “Atrevido” in July 2020, which positioned him as one of the most recognized young artists. “Days for a stage to end and a new one to be born. This one goes for those who didn’t trust, for those who did, for those of us who tried, for my neighborhood, my country and my continent. From Argentina to the world, they will remember us. Right or wrong, ready to die for my Zanta Land, ”he said on his social networks before the imminent premiere of his new material.

“Good or Bad” by Thunder (twitter/)

“Good or Bad” by Thunder (twitter/)

Trueno is going through a great moment in his career after his recent live participation with Gorillaz on the Quilmes Rock stage. The 20-year-old artist from La Boca breaks all expectations and stands as “spokesperson for a new generation” that “organizes and fights.”

Trueno told details of his presentation with Gorillaz

On April 30, Trueno starred in one of the most important musical events of recent times by singing with Damon Albarn at Tecnópolis during the presentation of Gorillaz at Quilmes Rock. Her appearance on stage surprised all viewers and the video of her performance quickly went viral on networks.

About his experience he said: “It was going to have fun with Damon and his gang, who are all animals. Just when I got off the stage, I met my old man and the kids I was able to take dimension of what I had done and how important it was for the country to be in that song. The freestyler took part in the classic “Clint Eastwood” about the closing of the show.

“I suppose that the connection was made by his daughter who listens to my music and knows Spanishbut it was sudden. The day before they told me to go sound check to do a Freestyle, so I went, we high-fived, and then I got on the show and we did it,” she recalled.

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