Trueno published the video

Thunder chose the Flag Day to launch the video for “Argentina” with Nathy Peluso. A song that is part of the rapper’s latest album Right or wrong.

“We left with the video for ‘Argentina’ with Nathy in the name of our flag and our motherland”, were the words the singer chose to announce the details of his departure. Also, in Trueno’s Instagram post, fans were able to see a preview days before the premiere.

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The details of the video of “Argentina”

The clip was directed by Lucas Vignale and El Dorado. Both artists are faithful to his personality, with Trueno walking the streets at night, with a cruder side, while Nathy Peluso presents her aesthetic more elegant and futuristic. With a certain tango air, the protagonists meet almost at the end of the video in a milonga.

“I feel that Nathy gave another color to the song based on what was happening to her with the country for having had to emigrate during the 2001 crisis. I told him that it was his space and that he should do what he wanted, “said Mateo Palacios Corazzina – name of Trueno – in an interview with Telam.

Surely. “Argentina” will be one of the songs that will be played at the artist’s shows at Luna Park, on November 29 and December 2 at Luna Park.

“Manifiesto Style”, against injustice, repression and inequality

“Argentina has a lot to say, politicians order, the streets speak, the people protest. We young people are the ones who have the upper hand, we are the soldiers in this war against injustice, repression and inequality”, sings Trueno in “Manifiesto Style”, one of the cuts of Right or wrong. A sharp, punctual rhyme, where he looks at the sensitivity of his generation.

“Codes on the walls of the neighborhoods, in the cardboard that are also sheets, in the garbage that is also food, in the blood stains on the sidewalk that today are only dry tears” loose in another of the verses of “Freestyle Manifesto.

In a chat with The ViolaThunder argued on the subject. “His departure was key. This manifesto is in the middle of the two parts. The ‘evil’ represents a bit of protest, non-censorship and everything else we need to say. It represents the concept of mobilization, of fighting over something that bothers you or the need to contribute a message. Mobilize and fight. The side of ‘good’ is the achievement of that fight and the celebration”.

rap as denunciation

“Having respect for all musical genres, I understand that rap was the music medium that was most based on protest and non-censorship. It was accompanied by rock and jazz from the United States, punctually from New York and its surroundings”, he described.

And he added: “We influenced each other in all that and we adapt it as Latin Americans and Argentines. We make it ours. We want young people to feel that we are all on the same page. Today they are mobilizing on Avenida 9 de Julio or the young people who make radio independently, the idea we have is to encourage them”.

“Argentine rap was always present,” he described to The Viola. “Rap was always difficult in Latin America where rock or cumbia shone, the Argentine hip hop union were the first nominees for a Grammy, we had the IKV, with albums like Leche, Jazzy Mel, plus Argentine music in general which also carries a message very similar to ours.”

It is one of the advances of his second album.

On his intimate side, the singer defined himself asor a person is not very extroverted and not go out much. “I prefer to take advantage of the time that we are not working to be with my girlfriend, visit my mother in the neighborhood, have a barbecue with the kids, and enjoy everything we do.”

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