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Saying out loud what everyone else is thinking is rarely a good idea. Yet after their success in the midterm elections [où ils ont notamment réussi à conserver à majorité au Sénat de Washington, tandis que les républicains ne disposent que d’une étroite majorité à la Chambre des représentants]Democrats are struggling not to speak loudly.

They dream of seeing donald trump win the Republican primaries and therefore his party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election, a promise of assured defeat for the Republicans. And they’re probably right. It remains to be seen whether the Trumpist ideology will be better off without its creature.

A political anomaly

That Donald Trump made his “big announcement” from his residence in Mar-a-Lago to run for disaster is a prospect that has enough to turn the heads of the Democratic Party. If Trump becomes the candidate of the Republican Party, it is the assured victory of the Democratic camp, which may even end up getting tired of winning (to quote Trump in the text).

If the Democrats retain the White House, that will mean they will have ruled America for twenty years (with a single four-year hiatus) since the financial collapse of 2008. And that would also be proof that Donald Trump’s single term was indeed an anomaly, as Joe Biden said.

This prospect is even more encouraging for Democrats if we consider the economic situation in 2024. The end of 2022 could not be worse chosen to take the temperature of the electorate. And for Trump and a

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FinancialTimes (London)

Founded in 1888 as London Financial Guide, a four-page journal intended “to honest investors and respectable brokers”, the FinancialTimes is today the leading financial and economic daily newspaper in Europe. There is not a financial institution or bank worth its salt that does not receive a copy of this British newspaper instantly recognizable by its salmon-pink paper.
Bought by the Japanese group Nikkei in 2015, the “City newspaper” saw its number of subscribers to the paper edition gradually erode (155,000 in February 2020), but has more than 740,000 digital subscribers; 70% of its readership resides outside the UK.
More than 600 journalists from more than 40 countries contribute to the title.

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