Trump's son ridiculed Biden's fundraising for Zelensky
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It depicts Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asking U.S. leader Joe Biden over the phone, “Where’s my money, Joe?” To this the owner of the White House replies: “Calm down, 87,000 tax inspectors are collecting them right now.”

Photo: RIA Novosti

In the comments, Trump Jr. noted that this is just a parody. At the same time, he added that, like any sane person, he would not be surprised if everything really happened, reports RIA News.

Trump’s son has previously ridiculed Zelensky’s ability to beg for money from the West. He posted a photo of a pleased Ukrainian president sitting in front of a laptop. The caption read: “Last month I made $40 billion working from home. Learn!”

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Thomas Massey called for an immediate cut in Ukraine’s military and economic support and an investigation into Kyiv for spending funds. In his opinion, a “thorough check” is needed to find out where in Ukraine the $60 billion that Biden and Congress sent there has gone.

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