The videos explain how each part of the electronic voting machine works.

In one more action to combating disinformation about elections on social media, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) used Kwai to show what is an electronic ballot box inside. The recordings, released on the short video platform this Thursday (23), show the equipment being dismantled.

Presented by the organization’s Electoral Technology coordinator, Rafael Azevedo, the videos explain, in simple language, everything about the device that began to be used in the country in the mid-1990s. It is possible to discover, for example, the parts that make up the urn and what each of them does.

The agreement between the TSE and the app also includes a special page on the platform, which brings together the contents of the action and the link to the new hotsite on the equipment, developed by the Court. To access these details, simply use the hashtag #DeOlhoNaUrna on the social network.

The videos explain how each part of the electronic voting machine works.Source: TSE/Disclosure

The hotsite, on the other hand, gathers, in the same place, all information about the device used on voting day, including the phases of the inspection cycle of the electoral process. There is also a timeline showing the advances in the equipment and the characteristics of all the models adopted by the Electoral Justice since the first version.

More actions on Kwai

Videos showing the electronic voting machine being opened are available on TSE profile in Kwai. In addition to them and the special page about the device, the partnership includes several other actions with the aim of stopping the spread of fake news about the 2022 elections.

In one of them, the Court used the platform to teach voters how to search for the correct information about the electoral process, through the hashtag #FatoOuBoato. Another highlight was the mobilization campaign for young people to take their voter registration, promoting participation in the democratic process with the hashtag #RolêdasEleições.

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