João Gomes Cravinho

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, was confident this Friday that the “strategic interest of NATO as a collective” will end up imposing itself on Turkey’s opposition in the process of joining Finland and Sweden to the BORN.

In Helsinki, where he met with his Finnish counterpart, Pekka Haavisto, asked by RTP3 and CNN Portugal about the position defended by Turkish President Erdogan – unfavorable to the entry of Finland and Sweden for welcoming Kurdish militants that Turkey considers to be terrorists – the chief of Portuguese diplomacy said he believed that the “strategic interest of NATO as a collective will eventually prevail”, especially because, after a week of talks on the process, “no difficulties were ever encountered”.

“My expectation is that there are no major problems that cannot be solved”, explained the Portuguese minister, who stressed that “the process of entry of new members into NATO is up to the 30 states that sovereignly make their decisions”.

Minister expects “overwhelming support” for the process in the Portuguese parliament

The process of ratifying the entry of Sweden and Finland begins precisely with the internal discussion of each NATO member. On the scenario in Portugal, after having highlighted the sovereignty of Parliament and questioned whether unanimity is expected in it, Cravinho denied it and replied that “unanimity is something that is not even desirable”.

“I believe that there is overwhelming support, between 80% and 90% in favor of accession. If so, there will be no difficulty in ratification”, he predicted. Once approved internally – and in each member of the alliance – the process goes on to NATO meetings and Gomes Cravinho hopes that the ratification process will begin “as soon as possible”.

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