Tatyana Sudets.
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Tatyana Sudets.


For many viewers, Tatyana Sudets remains the standard of a true old-school TV presenter – smiling, charming and restrained. She hosted the program “Time” and beloved by many viewers “Spark”, in the form of “Aunt Tanya” every evening she wished good night to all the kids of the country. And at this time in the life of a television star, passions worse than Hollywood raged. Because of her gambling addiction, Sudets lost an apartment and 14 cars in a casino. She spoke about this on the air of Andrey Malakhov’s show Malakhov.

The announcer of Central Television became a gamer after the tragic death of her son. Many years ago, a 24-year-old boy was taken to the forest, killed and buried in rubble. Tatyana hardly survived this loss. She believed for a long time that her son was alive – just hiding somewhere. But the miracle didn’t happen.

To distract herself, the TV presenter began to play in the casino. And gradually got involved. So much so that she lost everything she had.

“Yes, I won and lost 14 cars. There was also a one-room apartment. But I prefer to say that I left them,” admitted Sudets.

Relatives were horrified by her addiction. The TV presenter began to borrow money from friends to play. True, I always tried to repay debts.

“I have a rule since childhood: if you borrowed money, then give it back,” Sudets said.

The son of TV presenter Andrei tragically died.  Photo: video frame.

The son of TV presenter Andrei tragically died. Photo: video frame.

Tatyana says that the restriction of the gambling business in Russia helped her get rid of her addiction. If this hadn’t happened, it’s scary to even imagine what would happen to her now. According to Sudets, she has not thought about gambling for many years. Tatyana devotes all her free time to her family. She has a daughter Daria, three grandchildren are growing up.

Earlier, Tatyana Sudeets already spoke about the tragic death of her son. He passed away in 1992. Andrei went with a friend to his country house. There, a friend left the son of a TV presenter in the company of strangers. They decided to rob the guy and started beating him.

“He had 14 broken ribs. They took off all his clothes and took his money. They beat him to death and then buried him under a pile of rubble. I was at the trial. Tried to figure out why they did it? And they were afraid that if they left their son alive, he would kill them, ”said the TV presenter.

Andrei was found only a month after his death. All this time, Tatyana could not find a place for herself.

“I remember driving home from work and tears began to flow. Just like that, I didn’t understand what was going on. When I returned home, I found out that my son had gone somewhere. Then a night passed, another day, a second, and he did not appear. They found him only a month later, ”Sudets recalled.

Work helped her forget. Tatyana could not afford to show in public how hard it was for her.

“Colleagues looked at me and whispered: “Look, he is smiling. Even the death of her son did not touch her. And I really smiled. I went into the frame and tried to forget everything that happened, ”said the star.

To distract herself, she began to play slot machines. She won a lot, but she lost even more.

Tatyana with her first husband, Andrey's father.  Photo: video frame.

Tatyana with her first husband, Andrey’s father. Photo: video frame.

Every day she came to work, starred in several programs, and then went to the hall with slot machines.

“I couldn’t cry at home, my mother was there. She was also very worried. At work, too, it was impossible to sob. That is why I sat down at these machines, mindlessly pressed the button and cried, ”Sudets said.

Then the TV presenter was married to her third husband, but this marriage was unhappy – her husband Mikhail was an alcoholic. Her first two marriages were also unsuccessful. With her first husband, Andrei’s father, she divorced shortly after the wedding. The TV presenter admitted that she did not love him, and their marriage was a mistake. The second husband of the TV star became addicted to the bottle and often behaved inappropriately. They broke up after seven years of married life. The third husband Sudeets also could not overcome his addiction to alcohol. He died in 1995, three years after the TV presenter’s son was murdered. After that, Tatyana did not marry again.

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