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06.08.2022 19:15

The amount of fuel that can be refueled in one transaction is already maximized at all Lukoil filling stations. 20 liters can be filled into the tank at the low-pressure well columns, and 150 liters at the high-pressure ones, the owner and operator of the network, Normbenz Magyarország Kft., told Világgazdaság.

The owner also said that he is constantly investigating the possibility of suspending the operation of some units. The paper was also interested in how much the official price of HUF 480 per liter would have to be raised in order for the network to break even for the distribution of price-capped gasoline and diesel.

Since the domestic purchase price and consumer price are the same, all operating costs are borne by Normbenz Magyarország Kft., which operates the filling stations.

– announced the company, which added that the exact calculation of this is problematic because the price of utility services is constantly rising, so it could not make a meaningful statement.

VG also did not receive a numerical answer to the question of the proportion of price-capped and market-priced products within the fuel sold by Lukoil at retail. According to the explanation, the data is classified as a business secret, as most of the products sold by the company at market prices are linked to fleet card contracts.

On the other hand, it turned out that the further restriction of refueling with a price cap announced a few days ago did not bring significant changes to Lukoil (Normbenz), namely because of the composition of its customer base. More than 90 percent of gasoline transactions in Lukoil’s network can be linked to private individuals, reports a World economy.

Earlier, Index also wrote that drastic changes have come into effect at the Mol wells, you can read more about the details in this article.

(Cover photo: Imre Faludi / MTI)

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