Source: Elon Musk/Instagram/Reproduction.

A letter sent to the world’s biggest brands, present at the NewFronts 2022 virtual event, on Tuesday (3), asks marketers to guarantee the commitments made today by Twitter to ensure civic integrity and moderate hateful content. Otherwise, advise senders, these sponsors should simply withdraw their investments and boycott the social network.

Aimed at global advertising heavyweights such as Coca-Cola, Disney and Kraft Heinz, the letter is signed by dozens of civil society groups such as Media Matters for America, technology advocacy group Accountable Tech, feminist UltraViolet, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and the digital rights group Free Press.

“As top advertisers on Twitter, your brand is at risk of being associated with a platform that amplifies hate, extremism, health disinformation and conspiracy theorists,” the letter reads. And concludes: “Your Ad Dollars Can Fund Musk’s Vanity Project or Hold Him Accountable“.

What did Twitter say?

Source: Elon Musk/Instagram/Reproduction.Source: Elon Musk/Instagram

Although Twitter did not respond to a request for comment by CNN, a statement to investors sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday (2) gives a message to advertisers. While they can’t speculate on what Musk will do after the deal closes, “we have no planned changes to our commitment to brand safety,” they say.

Tuesday’s letter refers to the famous advertising boycott made against Facebook in 2020. In order to fight hate speech on the social network, companies such as Adidas and Starbucks withdrew from Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

But, unlike Menlo Park’s approach to the company, the signatories of the current letter point out that, in the case of Twitter, advertisers can be more proactive and strategic, since Musk himself has already tweeted his strategy.

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