Two total short circuits, the Hungarian national team does not have a promotion yet

Hockey matches always have their own family atmosphere. It is no different at the Ljubljana Division I / A World Championships, the hosts have done a noticeable amount of work to ensure that visitors are not only enriched by a match, they have created an excellent atmosphere around the Tivoli Arena. And this was compounded by the fact that both the Hungarian and Slovenian national teams performed the traditional dry warm-up in the fan zone, ie the leggings. The Hungarian Drukkers had already started encouraging at that time, but everyone was disciplined and did not bother the players preparing for the important match.

However, anyone could have done it, as the organizers did not make any distinction between the participants and the civilians, which is also interesting because it was said shortly before the tournament that the event would be in a bubble format. A mask is mandatory in the mixed zone and any contact with the players is prohibited, but anything can be outside the hall.

Sitting on beer benches a few meters from the hockey players, you can watch the match on the giant screen when we got there, the Lithuanians just scored their fourth goal against South Korea. By the time we got into the hall, the job was already 3–3, and after the blowout, the maths started on how to get up. The surprising success of Lithuania came to us very well, it was decided that if we did not lose in normal playing time, the coveted Group A might have been tonight. If we had scored 0 points against the Slovenians with a high chance, then it wouldn’t be a big deal either, because if the Romanians don’t beat the Lithuanians in regular time on Saturday, we’ll still be fine. And C could have Sunday’s match against the Romanians, where elite membership could be won.

The focus, however, was on the greatest fan of the day and perhaps the tournament. The 4,000-seat Tivoli Arena was full to the brim, mostly with locals, yet the Hungarian fans were louder at the beginning of the match.

For up to 31 seconds, when all Hungarians fell silent (or sanctified), and the Slovenes began a huge celebration, for Ziga Jeglicit took him so long to get the lead from his team. The home team started with a huge boost (they were also able to fight the ascent), it took us a tight four minutes to register a shot at the goal. Sometimes we got into the Slovenian third, but typically the events took place on our own. Well, in the media sector, where some ticketless Slovenian printers got into a clash with Hungarian journalists, but the security staff ended the lawsuit.

The Hungarian worries were compounded by the fact that János Vas fell badly on the plank and was able to slip off the ice quite slowly, but the senior president of the national team gritted his teeth and returned in the next change. Not long after, due to Scott Macauley’s exhibition, we got into a human disadvantage, but we managed to defend ourselves with the feats of Miklós Rajna.

After a good quarter of an hour, the ever-improving Hungarian game paid off.

After an unblown foul, we turned nicely, István Terbócs and Gergő Nagy carried the counterattack beautifully, which ended with the arrival of Csanád Erdély in front of the perfect goal.

This was the Volan winger’s fourth goal in the tournament.

We remained in the moment after the goal, Terbócs gave an outstanding performance in the whole third, but we couldn’t get another goal, fortunately we didn’t get it, even though the last minute brought quite warm moments in front of the Rhine goal.

We started the second part of the game much better, we were also more energetic, the Slovenes didn’t grow up in the game either. Then in the seventh minute came the cold shower. We first lost the puck in the offensive third and the Slovenian counter Robert Sabolic he finished, though the Rhine still fired the first shot. We brought the party then, but Ziga Pance he took the pack from Milan Horváth and matted the Rhine at the end of the solo.

We scored two goals in 5 seconds.

After the huge shock, we tried to recover quickly, we also had a 2 to 1 jump, but we couldn’t take advantage of our first human advantage either (the stern Anze Kuralt was just sent out for two minutes). After the addition, the Slovenian team occupied the Hungarian third, but could not increase its advantage.

We started the third part of the game at a human disadvantage, but we escaped without a goal, then we took the initiative, and then we took the lead. It hasn’t scored yet, but our next counter does. At least we thought we had exchanged ourselves before, so in the end the goal was taken and we even dwindled with one man. It would have been really demoralizing if the Slovenian national team had scored this goal, but we also defended it, just as we could have hit the next such situation, and even János Hári’s shot was blocked by Gasper Kroselj. On the other side of the Rhine he also needed a feat, Kuralt’s solo deactivated. Time was running out, Sean Simpson asked for a good three minutes before the end.

Immediately afterwards, however, Bálint Magosi was exhibited for 2 + 2 minutes, which sealed our destiny.

The natives did not trust chance, Sabolic who also took advantage of the first half of the human advantage. And the second one 8 seconds later Ken Ograjensek, whose pass in the middle bounced off Macauley’s skates. Another short circuit, two more goals in a very short time. In the end, we exchanged ourselves once more, but the Slovenes didn’t even force it. The Hungarian defeat of 5–1 is the end, the Hungarians will definitely be there at the World Cup A next year (wherever it is), but we still have a chance.

Final result, Hockey Division I / A World Championship, Ljubljana:
Slovenia – Hungary 5–1 (1–1, 2–0, 2–0)

“We expected them to start like this, but we weren’t ready in our heads. We held them hard, and then we started to shake up after everyone dropped that it was going to be a different pace match. However, we made a lot of childish mistakes, from which we scored goals, and then we started rushing, and a lot of will came to an end. The more live matches we have to play during the season to experience similar situations, the fewer mistakes there will be. We have our own destiny, we have to beat Romania on Sunday, and then there will be no problem. We don’t do math, ”István Terbócs told Index.

The result does not reflect the work we put in. It was only 3-1 3 minutes before the end, there we got an unfortunate show that was exploited. We defended well in the whole match to the disadvantage, they couldn’t even pay for it, even though top players are their advantage. We knew that if we did a lot of shows, it could take revenge, and that’s what happened in the end. We were close to them, we could have come back with a little luck, say, if they gave us our second goal, but that was not the case. We put it all in, it was enough now, everyone who stepped on the ice put it in 100% and it was appreciated by the fans too

Miklós Rajna analyzed.

There will be a holiday for the Hungarian national team on Saturday, but it can also be promoted if the Romania-Lithuania meeting is successful. If not, the match against Romania will come on Sunday.

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