Total convulsion due to the presence of Diego in Naples in July 2017.
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Less than a month after turning 60, the life of Diego Armando Maradonaand immediately Naples decided that their stadium (formerly the Saint Paul) will have the name of the star. At that point comes the love of the city for its greatest idol.

That idyll It was demonstrated in the last visit of the “10″ to Naples, on July 5, 2017when they named it honorary citizen. The title was given to him by the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistrisin a ceremony that became an overflow of excitement, screams and chaos.

Total convulsion due to the presence of Diego in Naples in July 2017.

When I go around the world, I always see the banners that have written ‘who loves you is not forgotten’. There is no people who have loved me as much as you Neapolitans “assured Maradona after receiving the award at the San Giacomo Palace.

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Wherever Diego went, there were overflows… The soccer genius generated that love as pure as overwhelming, impulsive, without brakes. The city convulsed at his arrival, and he helped to churn the waters even more. How? Climbing on the roof of a van to greet the fans and sing with them against Juventusfor instance.

On his last visit to Naples, Diego convulsed the city

The ceremony was titled “Maradona Effect” and it was held in the Plaza del Plebiscito before about 35 thousand fans. An impressive security operation prevented incidents from occurring as a result of the commotion that Diego generated in the Neapolitans.

Rough as always to treat his enemies, on that occasion Diego used irony to leave them a message: “Thank you also to those who did not want me to be a Neapolitan citizen, because this shows that there is democracy and that those of us who have done something for this city will always win”, shot true to form.

On his last visit to the city, Maradona got into a van to sing along with the “tifossi”.

After what Of Magistris handed him the citizenship document and an official medal from Naples, the star thanked and confessed that he felt Neapolitan from the first day he arrived at the club. Also from the first day he arrived there, Diego began to transform the city, which was no longer the same after his departure. Maradona changed Naples forever.

Napoli, who never won anything, thanks to Maradona got used to celebrating.
Napoli, who never won anything, thanks to Maradona got used to celebrating.

The madness of the tifossi reached its peak when the screens projected a tribute video made by the Neapolitan director Paolo Sorrentino (Oscar winner). People exploded to see Diego humiliating the powerful from the north on the field, scoring incredible goals, showing off his talent and celebrating with the emotion that he used to do every time he led the team to a title.

Maradona sang the anthem of the tifossi together with them: “Ho visto Maradona”

While the fans sang “I have seen Maradona”, a true anthem of the Neapolitan fans dedicated to the idol, Diego harangued the crowd, jumping and shouting like one more. That total identification, that making them feel that off the field he was one more tifossiturned out to be one of the keys to why the footballer reached the hearts of those excited fans.

As also happened in every event that Fiorito’s left-hander took part in, there were “collateral” controversies. In this case he was accused of having received a lot of money to travel to Naples and be part of the party. The player denied it emphatically: “I swear by my mother that no one has talked to me about money. No one. When they offered me citizenship, I accepted immediately.”

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Why do you always have to ask for money? For me, it is not. Who thought that is wrong in the head, very wrong. I would like to be face to face with the one who said that they paid me 450 thousand euros to come to this party to spit in his face ”shouted the world soccer genius to respond to the attacks.

The truth is that Naples was moved again as in those glorious days in which Diego jumped onto the field and achieved impossible things. How to kneel the powerful of the north and win scudettos against the powerful Milan Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard. Or slap the untouchable Juventus of economic power. Diego, always Diego. A religion for the Neapolitans.

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